Hoxhunt @
Blackhat 2022

Meet the team

Meet the founders and the team at booth #1781

How can Hoxhunt take your security training to the next level? Our co-founding CTO and CEO are here with the whole team to help answer all your questions.


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Meet the team:

Mika Aalto
CEO & Co-founder
Pyry Åvist
CtO & Co-founder
Alex Vieler-Poter
Head of Sales
Sam Hooke
Sales Director
Alex Bettencourt
Daisy Spencer
Regional Sales Director
Alex Oddo
Sr. Account Executive
Justin Demetsky
Regional Sales Director
Lisa Narkie
Regional Sales Director
Patrick Brown
Regional Sales Director
Bernard Garvey
Director of Customer Success (US)
Alexandra Rinehimer
marketing director, noam
Juha Heikkilä
Director of Channel Sales and Partnerships
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