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May 13, 2022
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Barak Engel, author of The Security Hippie: Video from CISO Sandbox appearance

Barak Engel is the originator of the Virtual CISO concept and has led cybersecurity for dozens of companies, including StubHub. He is the author of The Security Hippie, and his selected readings from his book during his appearance in the CISO Sandbox beautifully illuminated the human side of Incident Response, Risk Management and, of course, Awareness. Though not a Hoxhunt user himself, he is familiar with our platform and had some very positive things to say about Hoxhunt and our positive approach to security awareness.

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Eliot Baker
Director of Content Marketing
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Barak is a heck of a story teller. In his CISO Sandbox appearance, the stories he shared from his book, The Security Hippie (Routledge) were carefully selected for their relevance to today's hottest topics, including: Incident response, risk management, compliance, and awareness. And what is the common element connecting it all together? People!

Although he's not a Hoxhunt customer himself, his insights into effective awareness programs were pure gold. And guess what: he likes Hoxhunt!

Check out 22:31 - 27:21 and learn why traditional awareness is actually making things worse; and why Hoxhunt is turning that around!

  1. Most awareness "solutions" makes people hate security, but I do like what you guys at Hoxhunt do: 23:00 - 24:16
  2. Punishment-based security awareness is a prescription for failure: 22:31 - 24:16
  3. Science says, be people-forward and positive, not negative: 24:28 - 25:30
  4. I like Hoxhunt because it’s positive! 25:41 - 26:09

Read our review of The Security Hippie here. And buy a copy of The Security Hippie from the publisher, Routledge or on Amazon.

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