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Career Stories: Irene, IT Administrator

Why you joined the Hoxhunt team and what is unique about Hoxhunt?

Hoxhunt is my first IT-related job. I started 10 months ago, which was also just a few months after I started my current studies. So I work as a part-time employee at Hoxhunt and besides do my studies full-time. It’s very important for me – and I appreciate, to have an employer like Hoxhunt that supports me in my career and also in my studies. I don’t think that’s something to be considered self-evident. The atmosphere at Hoxhunt is relaxed but very motivated and hard-working. Even though I’m a part-time employee and I’m not at the office as much as most of the others, I still felt being part of the Hoxhunt family already from the first day.

Irene, IT Admin

Why should someone else interested in startups, cyber sec, SaaS join Hoxhunt? What is unique about the product, problems we solve, the mission we work for?

It’s motivating to work in Hoxhunt as a Threat Analyst because every day I feel like I can teach someone something about cybersecurity. Phishing is and has already been a while, a very current phenomenon but it’s also evolving over time. So Hoxhunt must keep developing itself continuously and it’s one of the reasons why I feel that there are multiple possibilities at Hoxhunt. This is a place where you can increase your expertise while developing new knowledge together with enthusiastic people.

How is it like to work here? How can you develop as a professional here at Hoxhunt?

I have been here only 10 months and during this time a lot of totally new positions have been filled with talented people. Also, people already working at Hoxhunt has been given opportunities to reform their positions. This kind of environment keeps me motivated to give my best at work. I would definitely say that your own professional development at Hoxhunt is guaranteed if you are a motivated person willing to work for challenges. While working at Hoxhunt I have been able to schedule my time between school and work in the way to complete my studies on a tighter schedule. Combining work and studies is not always easy but I’m happy that my work supports me in my studies and vice versa.