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Career Stories: Joakim, Threat Analyst

Why did you join the Hoxhunt team and what is unique about Hoxhunt?

I first heard about Hoxhunt from a friend who thought I’d be a good fit for an open position and it was love at first sight. I have always been fascinated by technology and the sheer thought of potentially joining a thriving Finnish tech startup excited me. After meeting the team and learning more about the company in a few rounds of interviews I had made up my mind. Hoxhunt has amazing growth potential and that alone created a unique opportunity for me to learn and advance early in my career.

Joakim, Threat Analyst

What is unique about the product, problems we solve, the mission we work for?

Hoxhunt provides a new approach to cybersecurity awareness training. We realize that the employees are the most critical layer of defense in a company’s cybersecurity defense and that they need a helping hand. Hoxhunt continuously challenges the employees with authentic simulated phishing emails that the employees then identify and report. The training is seamlessly integrated into the employee’s workflow and only takes a minute per week. It’s also gamified and most of our users actually want to have more emails than we usually send. This is completely unprecedented and we’ve been able to bring down the click rate to less than 2% for our customers.

How is it like to work here? How can you develop as a professional here at Hoxhunt?

As a university student, I appreciate how flexible Hoxhunt is: I’ve been able to combine my studies with work and how the management supports me and the other students to prioritize studies over work. My plan before joining Hoxhunt was to not work during my studies, but Hoxhunt felt like too good of an opportunity to pass on and I’m very happy with my decision. What you also have to appreciate is how much space there is to grow personally in Hoxhunt. My area of responsibility has grown quite a bit from when I first started here and the personal development path has been immense. I know that the opportunity to grow this much as a young business professional is unique.