Career Story: Robin, Team Lead Overfit - Summer Hunter Alumni

How did you hear about Hoxhunt?

My first touchpoint with Hoxhunt was through my university’s career portal. What got me really excited was when I opened the announcement that instead of some dull form with a super generic text about the position I was shown beautiful graphics and a description of an exciting company that’s offering a great opportunity to kick off my career.

How was your first summer with Hoxhunt?

I was directly welcomed to the team, even before we started with the now other Summer Hunter alumni we had the chance to join a Hoxhunt TGIF party where we even got to meet some of Hoxhunt’s advisors.

What was really special about the summer was that Hoxhunt didn’t have a data science team at the time, but they had identified a need for one, so together with Joni (Summer Hunter from the data science track) we got to build it up from scratch. Thus the start of the summer was a bit more chaotic for us than the other Summer Hunters but it came with a massive learning opportunity.

You stayed with us after your internship. How did you match your studies and work-life together?

I started my master’s thesis right after the summer and since both parties were happy – I got to do it for Hoxhunt. I had an arrangement where I worked part-time on my thesis and part-time on “normal” work tasks. It required some thesis work on my free time but it was definitely worth it, since I got to work on a super exciting project at the best workplace!

What has been the most exciting thing you’ve learned at Hoxhunt?

As quite normal in a startup and especially when growing a team from scratch – the things that I’ve learned spread quite widely. Therefore it’s hard to pinpoint a specific skill that is the most exciting. However, I think what has helped me and the team the most has been my ability to digest new things quickly and being able to transfer the learnings through mentoring others.

You’ve been even promoted to a team lead. Can you tell us more about that?

As I mentioned earlier – we had to grow the team ourselves with Joni. Instead of seeing this as a burden, I saw it as a great opportunity to take ownership. The opportunity along with being adaptable and truly enjoying helping others and putting their needs before mine made the promotion a possibility. So as the team grew and a bit more structure was needed – instead of hiring a new person specifically to lead the team – Pyry (co-founder and CTO) trusted me and gave me the chance – which I’m utterly grateful for.

That’s what’s so great with startups – new exciting opportunities come all the time as we grow!

Any tips or advice for the applicants?

Don’t be afraid if something is new to you, embrace it, curiosity will take you far as long as you are willing to put in the effort to learn.