Career Story: Nina,
Product Manager

Why you joined the Hoxhunt team and what would you say is unique about Hoxhunt?

Huge growth potential, great product and a bunch of intelligent people with bad enough jokes that it seemed like an excellent fit.

What makes it interesting for you to work here?

The challenges of such a fast-growing company are very different from those of a normal 9-5 working environment. Everyone here swims in much deeper waters than what they’re equipped for. And that’s fascinating to be a part of – seeing how friends around you continuously exceed themselves.

How is it like to work here?

Hoxhunt is all about learning and learning fast. I’ve learned here in months things that elsewhere would have taken years. Regarding professional development opportunities, well, I’d say they are (almost) limitless (I think the CEO’s position is taken).

How can you develop as a professional here at HoxHunt?

For the sake of example, I started here as a Customer Success Manager and within 10 months I was able to shift towards my truer ambition product management. If you have the drive for something the team is there to support you towards it