The worlds leading organizations use Hoxhunt to reduce human risk. Some of our case studies are anonymized, but references are available upon request.

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Building DocuSign's award-winning cybersecurity training program

Building DocuSign's award-winning cybersecurity training program

“Employees need to see it, read it, play with it, hear it, and do it daily. This won’t require a huge time commitment by them, but it will require that we have some of their time, short little bites of time on a regular basis. To get them to commit to that time, cybersecurity must be fun, rewarding, and meaningful. It must connect to what’s important to them and how they are evaluated on their performance. It must overcome elements of how the brain works so that we get a more secure, more trusted, and more committed trust culture. We must both acknowledge and encourage the desired behaviors.” --Lisa Kubicki, Director, Trust & Security Training & Awareness at DocuSign

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Fabian De Wit
Senior Security Officer and Hoxhunt Project Leader, Accell Group

The product matches my life philosophy, which is that people learn from stimulating, positive behavior... I get a lot of positive feedback from management and from employees who really like the program.

People learn from stimulating, positive behavior
Case study
Rose Lally

The switch to gamification and a carrot approach was really well embraced. And along with the broader education on real-world threats and insights into our own real threat reporting, I think the Hoxhunt training program has been received incredibly well.

The Hoxhunt training program has been received incredibly well
Case study
Pascal Odermatt
Project Manager ICT & Services

“I think the training just speaks for itself. The simulations are really well made and people learn from them. We are really happy with how it’s going.”

I think it’s a good product and I recommend it to others, especially because of the support.
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Bård Berntsen
Director Group IT

In IT and security, we have way too much to do, and keeping up with security is such a big job. Security people are hard to find and we don’t want the ones we have to sit and administrate a system like this; we want them to work on security. You could look at Hoxhunt as a completely outsourced awareness training service

You could look at Hoxhunt as a completely outsourced awareness training service
Case study
Fritz Worsch

I would definitely recommend Hoxhunt to other CISOs and I have already. Hoxhunt has gone well beyond the traditional check-a-box mentality of passive e-learning. There has definitely been a change in our security culture since we started using Hoxhunt.

I have been in IT for 30 years but I’ve never seen such professional onboarding like at Hoxhunt.
Case study
Information Security Team

"Of our 9,000 participants, 60.9% are active users... The fail rate is 3.7%, but it has been decreasing steadily to our goal of 2%."

"The fail rate is 3.7%, but it has been decreasing steadily to our goal of 2%."
Case study
Information Security Team

Ramboll decided to work with Hoxhunt for its ability to deliver education to employees that is interactive, personalized, and integrated into their everyday workflow.

"With Hoxhunt, Ramboll has significantly decreased the failure rates over time."
Case study
Garrett Cook
Head of Information Security and IT, G2

"We've seen what's possible if you make the experience for the user engaging and interesting, and make them a participant and not just a recipient. That really helps with engagement, and it drives trust in the security team, which I think is very important."

"I would say we've seen the light."
Case study
Kevin DeLange

"I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about Hoxhunt... I really think that we’ve hit a chord with people."

"We are between a 4-to-6 percent failure rate now. When we started, we were in the 30 percent failure rate range. That speaks to the efficacy of the Hoxhunt program."
Case study
Yves Accad
Director of Infrastructure and Security, Ordermark

"We are very happy with the results. The goal is to keep people aware that you’ve got to be careful with every email you receive, and I think Hoxhunt is achieving this very well."

"We have seen a fail rate that was about 18% down to 5%."
Case study
Jussi-Pekka Liimatainen
Senior Manager, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, Neles

"We can find and remove email related threats reported by users, and react immediately to clicked malicious links."

"Real email threats reported by our employees has jumped from essentially zero to between 60-90 per month."
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