Hoxhunt at CSO50 Conference + Awards

Hoxhunt is proud to represent customer AES, receiving a CSO50 Award for outstanding achievement in cybersecurity awareness and response! We'll be at the conference all week long and are excited to share the AES success story.

Meet the team

Meet us at our booth in the General Session room, and ask us how we helped AES achieve a 526% increase in reporting rate, 79% decrease in failure rate, and 58% decrease in miss rate.

"We've experienced a massive improvement in how we respond to phishing emails. We're a safer company and our customers are safer as well."

"I think this kind of training is needed in every workplace, and security breaches would decrease if everyone did this kind of training regularly."

"Email is by far the most important information sharing tool for me and Hoxhunt helps me to work with it in a more secure way."