Security Awareness Training for Internet Services

Valuable customer data and sensitive intellectual property make internet companies a prime target for cyber-attacks. Attackers often target the weakest link in your cybersecurity, people. Reduce human risk with personalized and engaging training that prepares your employees to spot sophisticated real-world threats.

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Foster A Positive
Security Culture

Internet companies often view traditional, punishment-based awareness training methods as damaging and disruptive to culture, hampering talent retention and attraction efforts. Hoxhunt’s approach to training is built on rewarding people for success and building a positive security culture. Our people-first approach makes training truly engaging and interesting by continuously adapting it to each individual's skill, role, location, and language.


Realistic simulations delivered to your employees’ inboxes

With 90% of breaches starting with email-based attacks, phishing is one of the biggest single threats to internet companies. Simulated phishing attacks prepare your employees to face even the most sophisticated phishing and social engineering attacks.

Up to 3 microtrainings per month keep security in people's minds and hearts
Utilizes an extensive threat library to provide up-to-date training simulations
Rewards employees for successful responses, and automatically re-inforces lessons after failures
Phishing training

Bite-sized security awareness quizzes

Expand beyond phishing simulations with lightweight security awareness quizzes to cover security topics important to internet companies such as social engineering, keeping sensitive information safe and remote working.

Prioritize awareness topics relevant to your business
In the moment micro training moments delivered automatically to the inbox
Security awareness training

Build on success. Learn from failure.

Punishment-based training doesn’t work. Hoxhunt rewards people with gold stars for success and gives microtrainings after failure to build skills along a gamified learning journey.

Training on success and failure
Rewards employees for successful responses, and automatically re-inforces lessons after failures
Behavior training has 1 to 3 microtrainings / month

Scales with growing internet companies

Hoxhunt is built from the ground up to meet the demands of rapidly growing internet companies that need to ensure that their whole organization, both on-site and remote, is up to speed on security awareness.

Automatically crafted C-level report handouts
Support for over 30 languages
Automated user management
customer spotlight

How G2 built positive experience into phishing awareness training

The security architects of G2 wove positive user experience into their cybersecurity system as per their corporate values, thereby building a vibrant and more effective cybersecurity culture based on user engagement.

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This helps us to remain vigilant to any cyber attack. Not only does it help in an office environment but it also educates you on the internet frauds happening around the globe and thus keeps you that much safe on cyber world.

HoxHunt is doing excellent job by giving updates on subjects how to identify and avoid security threats from hackers.

This is the best training I have in Nokia in the past 3-5 years, teaching me being suspicious, checking the details, always thinking before clicking. Examples are very-very good: tricky, unexpected, simulating the reality. The mini-training part at the end is also very good and useful: short enough, but showing the most important parts.

There is no substitute for experience and HoxHunt offers the option to practice in a safe manner.

It is really helped to differentiate the spam and scam emails. It became practice to think before opening any email attachment or link after engaging with Hoxhunt.

It’s fun when successfully catch the suspicious email! We learn while we play, we play while we learn.

Source: Hoxhunt NPS Survey

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