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Career Stories: Louis, Sales Development Representative


Louis, Sales Development Representative

Why did you join the Hoxhunt team and what is unique about Hoxhunt?

I joined Hoxhunt on a recommendation of a former colleague who was working here as a freelancer. Hoxhunt was looking for consultants that would open new markets in Europe.

Prior to applying, I did a quick search about the company and the founders and I realized that they had a strong background in their respective fields. More importantly, I noticed that Hoxhunt was adopted by several major brands in Finland. This is a strong vote of confidence for leading brands, and reference you could rely on to open new opportunities. From a sales perspective, this was ideal.

As a salesperson, I was offered a unique opportunity. I am in charge of introducing an approach that fits with the market’s expectations and prospects’ business needs. We are solving several recognized problems for our clients, and this definitely makes my job easier.

Why should someone interested in start-ups, cybersecurity or SaaS join the Hoxhunt team? What is unique about the product, the problems we solve and the mission we work for?

Our mission statement is quite clear and simple: we want to prepare users against cyber attacks and social engineering and doing so in a fun and engaging way.

While this goal is noble and easy to adhere to, it turns out that it perfectly fits with the market expectations of what a training solution should be.

Our clients, and more importantly our end-users are looking to learn in a way that provides an overall positive experience, is aligned with their job and does not disrupt their (busy) workflow. As soon as our prospect understands that, the conversation completely changes. We efficiently reduce risks, we provide knowledge, and we make the job of our clients much easier.

How is it like to work here? How can you develop as a professional here at Hoxhunt?

Hoxhunt, while rapidly growing (25 new employees since the start of the year, and counting!) has a flat structure. Which means that is easy to make a decision. Management is very receptive to new ideas, wherever they come from. The best argument always wins and if you have an idea for a project that is based on data, it is easy to take ownership of that project and start executing on it. This is very rewarding!

Hoxhunt is also at a stage where it’s facing a lot of challenges that are good stepping stones career-wise. We have the mission of opening new markets, developing the product to match the requirement of new clients, and delivering the best service to end-users. If achieved successfully, those missions provide the right experience to move up to the managerial and strategic mission. Fortune favors the bold, and the whole Hoxhunt team is always here to help each and everyone to take bold challenges and be their best self.