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The best part is that you will be appropriately suspicious of unexpected emails.

You will pay more attention to your emails and you will think twice before you open everything that comes in without a second thought.

The unexpected test emails make the experience realistic. The explanation of traps and techniques used is helpful.


What is included in the pricing?

SEcurity training

Continuous microtraining

Fully personalized training

Automated, up-to-date, realistic content


Automated threat classification of user reports

Escalation of threats to the security team

Compatible on all devices with various email clients

Fully managed service

Technical setup & onboarding

Customer success & technical support

Threat analysts & content team

Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions before requesting a demo, we’re happy to help you at contact@hoxhunt.com

How much does Hoxhunt cost?
What does the pricing include?
Which devices does Hoxhunt support?
What languages does Hoxhunt support?
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1000+ reviews

"This is the best training I have in Nokia in the past 3-5 years, teaching me being suspicious, checking the details, always thinking before clicking. Examples are very-very good: tricky, unexpected, simulating the reality."

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1000+ reviews

"HoxHunt is doing excellent job by giving updates on subjects how to identify and avoid security threats from hackers."

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1000+ reviews

It’s fun when successfully catch the suspicious email! We learn while we play, we play while we learn.

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1000+ reviews

“There is no substitute for experience and HoxHunt offers the option to practice in a safe manner.”