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“The best part is that you will be appropriately suspicious of unexpected emails.”

“You will pay more attention to your emails and you will think twice before you open everything that comes in without a second thought.”

“The unexpected test emails make the experience real-life. The explanation of traps is helpful.”

What is included in the pricing?

Why do security teams choose Hoxhunt?

Security training

  • Continuous microtraining
  • Fully personalized experience
  • Automated, up-to-date, realistic content


  • Automated threat classification of user reports
  • Escalation threats to the security team
  • Compatible on all devices with various email clients

Fully managed service

  • Technical setup & onboarding
  • Customer success team
  • Threat analysts & content team

Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions before requesting a demo, we’re happy to help you at [email protected]

We base the pricing on the number of employees in your organization.

Just fill in the form above, and we will get in touch with you to find a suitable time to discuss the pricing.

The pricing includes the right to the training for the number of employees you need, reporting, threat classification, and full automation. Hoxhunt is a fully managed service, and we provide you with the technical setup, user onboarding, customer success team, and various other support services. We also have threat analysts and a content team for developing relevant training based on the latest threats reported.

We want to understand more about your business needs. Understanding your operations better will help us to elaborate on how Hoxhunt can add value to your defenses.

Hoxhunt can be used simultaneously on a PC, smartphone, and tablet within the email client.

Yes, you can purchase additional seats at any time. Your dedicated account executive and customer success manager will help you with that.

We support 20+ languages and are constantly adding more. You can see the supported languages in this article.

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“Quick and effective way to encourage cybersecurity best practices.”

“Great tool for your team to raise their awareness of cybersecurity.”

“Extremely good solution to increase awareness of email phishing attacks.”

“Great platform enabling efficient learning.”

“Most engaging security training tool.”

“Hoxhunt is great at keeping you on your toes about cyber threats.”

“Blue ocean phishing training.”