Real-time response and analytics

Gain visibility on real attacks facing your company. Hoxhunt’s reporting plug-in allows users to report real threats with just one click. And empowers you to see what’s going on in your organisation and react to threats.


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Hoxhunt anti phishing software dashboard

Turn employees into threat sensors

Due to Hoxhunt’s training, we see reporting rates of more than 70% on actual threats. This allows the security team to prioritise and react to actual threats quickly.

Global threat network

Hoxhunt’s global user network recognises threats quicker than anyone else. Our user network spans over hundreds of thousands of users across the globe who continuously report the latest threats to Hoxhunt. This creates protection for our whole global customer base.

Prioritise and escalate threats

Our platform automatically detects and escalates the attacks that need the attention of the security team. Your team will see the attacks that are the most urgent.

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Increasing your reporting rate

With Hoxhunt training in use, our customers see the reporting rate of real threats go up significantly. This allows the security team to see and react to actual threats.

  • Increase amount of reported threats by up to 6x
  • Reporting rates increase to over 60% even with the most sophiticated attacks

Your security team will love us

When employees start reporting threats, it makes the security team’s life easier. With Hoxhunt the team gains visibility to threats happening in their organisation and a way to analyse and prioritise attacks. But don’t just take our word for it.

"Even our CEO told about the gamified solution to our Chairman of Board of Director spontaneously"
Security Professional 🇫🇮 Mechanical engineering company
"It is actually fun and you learn"
Security professional 🇩🇰 IT Company