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We’ll walk you through how Hoxhunt works. All you need to do is report the phishing email and go through the microtraining.

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Hox Plugin

Report phishing emails with a single click.

Hoxhunt users have a Hox plugin in their inboxes. Every time they receive a simulation or spot a malicious-looking email they can report it with a single click.

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You spotted a malicious mail! You can always check the tricks in this email by taking the short microtraining lesson below.

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Unknown sender address

Make sure to verify the sender address, especially if you have even the slightest suspicion. If you do not recognise the address, a quick online search might verify the owner of the address.

Unexpected event

Were you expecting this email or not? If the email pops up in your inbox without any supporting communication, make sure to ask the sender about the message through other mediums like calling or instant messaging.

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One of the most common tricks criminals use, is to create a sense of urgency. If you react to a message in a hurry, you're less likely to actually take the time to assess each message. Urgent topics and tight deadlines are often used.

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You completed this microtraining lesson and earned all three stars. Keep up the good work!

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Challenge yourself and others! Keep reporting and learning through the microtraining and climb your way up to the Top 10!



Hoxhunt educates people in a fun way. We offer multiple gamified challenges. It’s not only entertaining and fun, but also educational.

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