Turn employees into threat sensors
Turn employees to threat sensors

With a 70% reporting rate on malicious email activity, HoxHunt’s global user network recognises threats that no one else can see.

The global human intelligent sensor network is able to react to both known and unknown threats. 

We give you a ready set process

Gain visibility on real attacks

“If you see something malicious, forward the email as an attachment to the following email address…” is the old way. The old way does not work and results in reporting rates around 3-5% which leads to low visibility and inability to take action. With HoxHunt, the reporting rates are over 10x better than with the traditional or other tool based approaches.

Nothing can be easier than reporting a malicious email with the HoxHunt add-in. Our ‘report this email’ button integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail. Reporting also works on Android and iOS.

The employees of a company finally have the power take action with unwanted email and shield others around them by reporting malicious content.

rapid threat and incident response

Prioritise and escalate user reported threats automatically


Speed is the key component of responding efficiently to phishing attacks. As users get motivated in reporting real attacks, they typically also tend to report non-malicious emails such as non-malicious spam. As security operations’ time is limited, we only push forward the attacks that need their attention.

This means that your security team gets automatically prioritised feed from the attacks that the users have reported, adding a machine empowered human defense layer to your infrastructure.

Threat Analysis
Security as a Service

save time from the response team

Analyse and Sandbox incoming threats automatically

We started analysing all the user reported attacks manually, but quickly ran into the same problem sophisticated security teams are seeing. There is so much information being reported.

We have partnered with Virustotal to analyse the user reported links and attachments automatically. We can also easily integrate new sandboxing environments such as Joe Sandbox.

 We can tell if there are new malware campaigns that your antivirus solution can not identify. This enables proactive defence.

leverage the power of crowd intelligence

Crowdsourcing threat data

HoxHunt global user network spans over 75 countries across the world. These employees are like anyone else but with one difference. They have been trained by the HoxHunt platform for recognising and reporting malicious emails. This means that as soon as you become a part of the HoxHunt platform, you will have the power of the whole user network behind you to protect you.

The HoxHunt user network reports malicious threats from around the world. Our machine algorithm then prioritises these reports automatically and helps all the organisations in the network to stay protected. Every new user adds value to the network.

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