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Turn your employees into your greatest asset in cybersecurity

Enable your organization’s employees to identify and report attacks that your company is facing.

Fill the missing piece in your organization’s security

80% of attacks start by targeting an employee. Make sure the human layer of your security is protected.


"Awesome service, especially great for organizations whose information security culture needs a fun and activity-oriented approach to enforce good practices within all employees. The best part is that people can really see what an actual phishing e-mail looks like and what clues to look for."
Security Professional 🇫🇮 Consultancy Company
Hoxhunt network shielding

Free up your time for making security better

Hoxhunt automates cybersecurity awareness for your company so you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of security.


"I Love The Seamless Outlook integration"
Security professional 🇳🇱 Manufacturing Company

Create a strong cybersecurity culture

With Hoxhunt’s training, your employees start to become more aware of all cybersecurity threats, not just email. They’ll also develop a positive attitude towards cybersecurity.


"Teaching with a caring attitude, not scolding or blaming."
Security professional 🇫🇮 Security Company

Top features


Boost your security day by day

Automated and personalized phishing emails

Hoxhunt’s automated phishing simulator continuously sends attacks that resemble real-life threats. We gather information about your employees and company to make sure the content of the attacks is always relevant for employees.

Reporting add-in

Hoxhunt seamlessly integrates with your email client. It provides your employees with an easy way to report threats to your security team.

Incident Response

We automatically categorize and prioritize user reported threats making it easy for your team to act on the most urgent and relevant threats.

Your employees will love Hoxhunt

An organization is doing well if their employees act as a last line of defense in its security structure. It’s even better if the incident response reports are categorized by machine algorithms with the help of crowd intelligence from around the world.

"This training is 1000 times better than being asked to spot hoax emails in a "IT Security Online Training Course""
Employee 🇦🇺 Mining & metals company
"It is a constant reminder of cyber threats and not just a one-time lecture that you forget in a week. Also very fun! :)"
Employee 🇫🇮 Energy company