Protect your company by protecting yourself

Hoxhunt educates employees about cybersecurity threats by sending personalized phishing simulations. This way you will learn about how to react to these threats to be able to protect not only your company’s data but also your personal data.

Increase your cybersecurity knowledge

When you report Hoxhunt emails, we’ll engage you in micro training moments about how to detect a harmful email. This helps you to avoid them both at work and off-work.


"Can this program be made available in high schools, colleges, or to families of employees?"
Employee 🇳🇱 Technology Company

Boost your cybersecurity knowledge

Gamified and personalized

Hoxhunt sends personalized phishing simulations based on role and progression level. Our gamification makes detecting and reporting emails fun and rewarding.

Increase your cybersecurity knowledge

With Hoxhunt you’ll enjoy cybersecurity training while noticing the change in your behavior towards malicious looking emails.

Report real threats

You’ll also start reporting real threats that face the organization. This helps you protect not only the company but also your co-workers.

Protect your company by protecting your people

Join world-leading security professionals who protect their workforce with Hoxhunt.


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