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Security Training for Remote Workforces

Teach your remote workforce with automated security training to confidently recognize and report all threats regardless of where they are working from.


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Training that keeps remote employees secure

Empower your remote employee to shield your assets with Hoxhunt's security training, and employees will report real threats whenever and wherever they are using email.

Intensive training

Training moments are frequent, fun, quick, and engaging to make people learn and care about security.

Recognize threats

Trust your employees to recognize actual threats without hesitation from home or on-the-go.

Report threats

Once employees recognize threats, they can instantly report them to the security team through the Hoxhunt plugin.

Why Security Teams Choose Hoxhunt

Fully automated characteristic icon

Fully automated

Hoxhunt develops all simulations and campaigns, and then sends them automatically to your users.
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The gamified training is engaging and fun, so people want to use it.

Personalized micro-trainings

Hoxhunt uses AI and ML to match the simulations to the employee’s skill level.

Up-to-date training

Emerging attack types are added to the training frequently.
Threat classification engine characteristic icon

Threat Classification Engine

We escalate possible vulnerabilities for you to take action.


Hoxhunt can be integrated with a variety of filtering solutions for improved defense.
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Let’s secure your remote workforce together!

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