Security Training for Remote Workforces

Teach your remote workforce with automated security training to confidently recognize and report all threats regardless of where they are working from.


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End-to-end automated training




Each simulation is personalized, and delivery is automated.

To keep your remote employees engaged via intelligent automation, Hoxhunt sends them micro-trainings that match their level of knowledge and other factors, such as role, department, language, territory, or time in the organization.


The training content is up to date.

Through our network, we are up-to-date with the latest threat that attackers use, and we turn them into training content that is deployed automatically for your users.


Onboard new users within minutes.

New remote users can be onboarded within minutes to the training so that theycan start learning and reporting immediately.

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Visibility into threats
through employee


Employees report real threats within minutes from noticing them through the Hoxhunt plugin.

Whether they are working from their home, a hotel, or an airport, you can trust they have the knowledge and the tool to report real threats that passed your email filters

The process is simple: employees receive and open the email, notice that it is suspicious, report it, and finally get automatic feedback whether the email was malicious or not.


Multi-device integration secures people through all their devices.

Whether people work on their computer or check emails from their smartphones or tablets, the Hoxhunt plugin is always available in their inbox to make threat reporting effortless.


Improved Incident Response with the Threat Classification Engine.

Increase the number of threats reported.

24/7 incoming reports without the need for a Service Desk.

The threat classification engine is automatically analyzing all user reports and escalating the ones that need your team’s attention, thus saving you time and expenses.


Training that keeps remote employees secure


Empower your remote employees with Hoxhunt security training to shield your
assets by reporting real threats whenever and wherever they are using email.




Intensive training

Training moments are frequent, fun, quick, and engaging to make people learn and care about security.

Recognize threats

Trust your employees with recognizing actual threats without hesitation from home or on-the-go.

Report threats

Once employees recognize threats, they can instantly report them to the security team through the Hoxhunt plugin.

Why Security Teams Choose Hoxhunt

Fully automated
Hoxhunt develops all simulations and campaigns and sends them automatically to your users.
The gamified training is engaging and fun, so people want to use it.
Personalized micro-trainings
Hoxhunt uses AI and ML to match the simulations to the employee’s level.
Up-to-date training
Emerging attack types are added to the training frequently.
Threat Classification Engine
We escalate possible vulnerabilities for you to take action.
Hoxhunt can be integrated with a variety of filtering solutions for improved defense.
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Let’s secure your remote workforce together!

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