Gamified Phishing Training and Simulation

The average probability of an employee falling victim to a phishing attack is 40%.
Our continuous training brings the risk down to less than 2% and keeps it there.

Continuous Automated Training

79% of breaches start with an employee mistake

Every day, an increasing number of organizations are attacked with malicious emails. Their ability to bypass conventional cybersecurity measures leave your unaware employees wide open as a potential attack surface.

HoxHunt’s automated phishing simulator continuously stimulates your employees to recognize these attacks and respond correctly by reporting the threat.

With an average of 35 highly personalized attacks annually, your employees are trained and rewarded for taking correct action, permanently changing their behaviour.

Gamified end user experience

We Love Your Employees, So Should You

HoxHunt simulated phishing attacks are indistinguishable from real threats! And our gamified reporting experience rewards employees for reporting both simulated and real attacks, highlighting their success.

Integrated in their daily work routine, and supported by microtraining content, your employees are empowered to recognize and report threats, without distracting them from their work.


Phishing Training as a Service

let our platform do the heavy lifting

Our platform takes the burden of thinking what kind of phishing attacks are out there, and how the organization should train its employees to keep them resilient.

The HoxHunt algorithm automatically recognizes and adapts to user behaviour to deliver the right level of difficulty and depth in the attacks. We call this gamified individual learning, and HoxHunt is the only solution in the world to provide this feature.


The complete platform to tackle phishing

Fully automated

Don't waste time in creating phishing campaigns, our platform creates unique learning paths for users and personalises attacks automatically.

Individual learning paths

HoxHunt automatically personalises the training path for each individual employee.

Gamified attack reporting

With our quarterly and all time leaderboards employees compete against each other in identifying the attacks

Outlook & Gmail reporting plugin

We provide a zero installation plugin for Outlook and Gmail. We also have an installer for Outlook 2010.


Whether people succeed or fail, they always have the possibility to gain extra points for reviewing the micro training moment

Automated spear phishing

HoxHunt automatically personalises attacks to also simulate also sophisticated spear phishing attacks

Advanced bait and hook mechanisms

The attacks come with various hooks. We support attachments such as macro based documents, pdfs and html files.

Language and location support

The attacks are personalised based on users language and location. We currently support 14 languages including Mandarin.

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