Webinar with Petri Kuivala, CISO at NXP

How can CISOs become more people-centric to fight against cyberattacks together with their employees?

Petri Kuivala is a world-class, forward-thinking CISO at NXP with experience from leading cybersecurity teams at Microsoft and Nokia. A while ago we sat down with Petri to ask him about his experiences and views on how CISOs can become more people-centric so that they can fight against cyber attacks better.

In this webinar, among other topics, we will talk with Petri about the following:

  • How has the CISO’s role changed during Petri’s career?
  • Social engineering, phishing, and human risk in the organization.
  • How are cybersecurity teams tackling their human risk?
  • What does the future hold for cybersecurity?

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