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We are constantly looking for new team members – join our mission to turn employees into the strongest asset of any organization and make the world a more cyber secure place.


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Our product has been named one of the most innovative products in the cybersecurity industry. We are challenging the traditional way companies educate and train their employees. We help companies turn their employees into their strongest asset in cybersecurity with our gamified platform that trains employees against phishing in a fun and engaging way simulating real-life phishing attacks.

Why should you join Hoxhunt?

We are changing the status quo and truly revolutionizing the way companies train and educate their employees in cybersecurity and we do this in a fun and cool way. Very few companies are growing as fast as we are, and we are making a difference through a groundbreaking product. We are exposed to unique challenges and solving them is very fulfilling. You will learn and develop each day, and you will really get to build your own career here!

“Inspiring and easy-going people who are extremely smart. The people will also actually listen to your opinion and respect it no matter what. No (or very little) hierarchy, so making an influence and getting your opinions heard is very easy. The environment is very uplifting, supportive, and motivating because people are very driven. And we actually do not forget having fun is a part of the job.”
Tatu Head of Marketing
"The team, the product, and the culture had me from the first moment I visited the office."
Jani Senior Account Executive

What’s it like to work here?

All Hoxhunters share a certain kind of fighting attitude, work ethic and drive to become better each day. We live by our values and everyone here is super smart, kind, helpful and driven. We challenge each other in a positive atmosphere, and we have fun together. The first thing that everyone mentions when we ask what’s best about Hoxhunt, is always people. Hoxhunt is a family, and it’s not just a place you work at, it’s a place you have trouble leaving from. Each employee has a meaningful function, and it’s rare to find a workplace where everyone is equally as important.

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Great co-workers!

The team is the core of everything we do. Together we face challenges, solve problems and seize opportunities. You will always have the support of the whole Hoxhunt family.

Our employees own the company

Be part of building a company you also own. We offer equity option packages for our employees.

Extensive Health Care

Your health is important to us. In small or more severe health matters, we’ve got your back.

Learn new things at the speed of light

In this environment you really get to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn, create and build new things on a daily basis. The world is never ready and we always look to improve the company and ourselves.

Weekly demo- and breakfast sessions

We host fun get-togethers to start and end the week, all accompanied by a lot of laughter. We celebrate successes, learn from challenges, and share our ideas.

Be a part of one of the fastest growing startups in Europe

We are growing exceptionally fast, and continuously try to find ways to scale and keep up with the growth. It’s not an easy task to do, but very rewarding and fulfilling.

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hoxhunt funded for 2,5 million EUR
Hoxhunt funded for EUR 2.5 million