The best way to protect your organization against social engineering based cyber attacks

Transform your employees from the weakest link to your greatest asset in cyber security.


90% of cyber attacks begin with a simple human error. The problem is that attackers are able to manipulate employees to bypass technical protections and use them as vehicles for delivering the attacks – the tactic is called social engineering, and today’s cyber criminals are extremely skillful in it.


HoxHunt protects companies against fraud and phishing attempts by conditioning employees to identify and report attacks with an engaging continuous simulation. Our AI trains your employees to be - not only cyber aware - but to behave in a cyber secure way.

Enable HoxHunt, to stop infection
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HoxHunt features

The fully automated service simulates real attacks and shows the techniques attackers use to infiltrate organizations. Employees are rewarded for reporting the attacks – both real and simulated.

100% Service

HoxHunt is an additional security team member. The 100% service model means, that we take the task of raising cyber security awareness and employee behavior. We also offer you automatic analysis and threat response capabilities. We take care of the heavy lifting, so that your security team can focus on other priorities.
  • 100% service
  • Scalable
  • Real time analysis

Continuous threat simulator

The problem is not employee awareness, the problem is secure behavior. But behavior change is incredibly hard. We humans tend to divert back to old habits in weeks from our last education moment . That is why we need continuous phishing simulation. Repetition creates stronger memory imprints and enables employees to react with the correct measures if an attack hits them.

With HoxHunt, your employees are engaged in a continuous threat simulation, where they learn to identify and report malicious attacks. We reward your employees for reporting both real and simulated attacks. We enable gradual behavior change towards a more cyber secure organization.

  • Gradual behaviour change
  • Organizational shield level

Customized training on a massive scale

As organization's employees have varied skill levels in cyber security, our AI automatically tracks individual employee performance and customizes training based on that performance. Individual learning paths guarantee the best result: a cyber ready organization.
  • Individual learning paths
  • Localised content and languages

Positive psychology and gamification

End user satisfaction is our top priority. By gamifying the end user experience, we create willingness to continue the training. As we humans tend to learn best in groups, social aspect is extremely important. Because of our world-class end user experience we are able to change behavior with a continuous training program. Happy end users translate to uncontested results in cyber secure behavior.
  • Gamification
  • Social context
  • Community spirit

Rapid attack response and global threat surveillance

As the threat landscape changes rapidly, HoxHunt monitors all the latest threats and turns them into relevant training material, so that your employees are prepared if an attack hits them.

We also offer a rapid response module where threats can be analyzed and feedback can be given to your employees for their good efforts

  • Global threat monitoring
  • Rapid threat feedback

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