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Hoxhunt is reshaping how hundreds of enterprises deliver continuous security awareness training. To reduce risk, we deliver behavior changing training that employees love.

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Phishing email example

When technology fails, your employees need to react

Despite technological advances in email filtering, most cyberattacks still start with malicious emails.

of breaches start with an employee mistake
of businesses face phishing attacks
of phishing messages are opened by targeted users
days between infiltration and detection

The old way of cybersecurity training doesn’t work

Today learning is about flow, not instruction. Many organizations still focus on security awareness and fail to significantly reduce risk. We create individual smart learning paths that enable learners to take only the training they need.

Old way
Employee first
CISO first
Continuous training in a real working environment
Large chunks of training in separate environment
Same for everyone
Engage the employees
Broadcast information to employees
Behaviour change
Security awareness

Train your employees to make safer decisions


Automated personalized phishing simulation emails

Hoxhunt’s simulated phishing attacks are indistinguishable from real threats. They are customized based on the individual’s role and progression in the training.

Report threats from your inbox

Employees report emails and learn to detect malicious emails.

Protective layer

When employees are trained to recognize and react to Hoxhunt’s generated phishing emails, they start reporting actual threats as well with the help of the Hoxhunt button.

Incident Response

An alert workforce leads to more threats reported. Our incident response tools help you categorize and prioritize threats.

Global threat network

Hoxhunt has a global network of people who are trained with the Hoxhunt tool. Our user network recognizes threats quicker than anyone else, which makes everyone part of the network safer.

Differentiation statistics

Your employees – your greatest asset in cybersecurity

With Hoxhunt’s automated phishing training, your employees learn to identify even the most sophisticated phishing attacks. The algorithm takes into account the employees’ skill level and makes the training more difficult only if the employee has passed the previous difficulty level. After continuous training, your employees have a failure rate of less than 2%, even for the most sophisticated attacks. We have the reports to prove this change.

  • Failure rates drop to less than 2% even with the most sophisticated attacks
  • Reporting rates of real attacks increase more than 400%

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“Hoxhunt is great at keeping you on your toes about cyber threats.”

“Great tool for your team to raise their awareness of cybersecurity.”

“Extremely good solution to increase awareness of email phishing attacks.”

“Quick and effective way to encourage cybersecurity best practices.”

“Most engaging security training tool.”

“Blue ocean phishing training.”

“Great platform enabling efficient learning.”

“Hoxhunt makes cybersecurity fun and interesting”

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"Traditional cybersecurity awareness doesn't work. What seems to work is to get people properly motivated, and that is achieved with gamification. People want to compete and perform."
Security professional 🇫🇮 Cyber security company
"Wow, I have never seen a security awareness solution where users are asking to have more lessons."
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