Automated phishing training and response

HoxHunt turns your employees from the weakest link to your greatest asset in cyber security.

We’re relentlessly focused on empowering your employees to shield your organisation as an active last line of defence.

20 minute setup with: 

Office 365
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New: Learn about different kinds of Business Email Compromise and how you can protect your organisation against them 

Continuous gamified training

Many organisations face the problem of malicious emails, including Ransomware, CXO Scams and Credential phishing. In the traditional world, the go-to solution would be to raise user awareness. 

However, being aware is not the same thing as being able to respond in the right way once an attack is received. HoxHunt simulates attacks automatically and rewards employees for reporting real attacks. Reporting works with a plugin that integrates with Outlook and Gmail.

Training Features
Response Features

Automated Response

An organisation is doing good if their employees act as a last line of defence, even better if the incident response reports are categorised by machine algorithms with the help of crowd intelligence around the world.

HoxHunt global human intelligent sensor network is able to react to both known and unknown threats, providing visibility to global threats that are able to bypass technical countermeasures.  

Creating human firewalls at

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