security Behavior & culture change

Drive measurable security behavior and culture change 

Go beyond awareness and impact security behaviors and culture. Our security behavior and culture change solutions elevate security awareness to reduce risk and employee satisfaction.

A CISO looking at the different behavior a signals Hoxhunt has gathered

Go beyond awareness

Make security a shared priority. Tackle risky behaviors head-on with adaptive training triggered by specific actions. Celebrate and reward secure practices to enhance organizational culture.

Capture diverse behavior signals

Get comprehensive visibility into your human cyber-risk by capturing behavior-based data from multiple organizational systems.

Visualization on Hoxhunt capturing diverse signals from different service providers

Change behaviors

Reward secure behaviors and coach away the bad ones. Understand what drives behavior and continuously measure and impact it.

Employees receiving a notification from Hoxhunt via Slack and  Microsoft Teams

Grow it in the culture

Build your resilient culture on secure habits and measurable behaviors by rewarding employees for correct actions. Identify and empower potential security champions.

Hoxhunt's dashboard measuring culture and engagement
Hoxhunt's Human Risk Dashboard with the lowest performing team highlighted with a notification to assign the team additional training

Identify risky behaviors from your existing data

Capture behavioral data across various computer-based activities and discover your main cyber-risks. Analyze the attitudes and motivations to understand what drives the risky behaviors.


Visualize your behavior-based human risk via integrations with your existing cybersecurity stack such as Microsoft Defender.


Identify your riskiest employee groups by job role, location, department, or drill down to identify your riskiest high-access individuals.


Analyze the attitudes and motivations driving risky employee behaviors. Understand what is triggering their unsafe decisions and create secure habits.

Reward secure behaviors and coach away the bad ones

Reduce your risk posture by incentivizing safe behaviors and gently nudging away the unsafe ones. Establish a culture of security where employees are rewarded for vigilance and receive constructive feedback that steers them towards better practices.

UI view of Hoxhunt's user management


Set up an AI-driven phishing training program that automatically adapts to each employee’s skill, role and location with over 30 languages.


Set up real-time security behavior nudges that get triggered by wanted or unwanted actions.


Guide employees towards better behavior with micro-training. Ensure engagement with entertaining and gamified delivery.

A visual of Hoxhunt's Human Risk Score

Communicate human risk with robust dashboards

Communicate your program's efficacy with real-time dashboards that demonstrate your program’s impact. Drill down to specific regions, locations or functions to pinpoint local behaviors. Understand underlying security culture with employee sentiment analysis.

Communicate to your management

Demonstrate program efficacy to leadership with  an easy-to-understand Hoxhunt Human Risk Score.

Visualize for yourself

Find your next risk-based priority once previous behaviors have been mitigated. Define your action plan with risk-based prioritization.

Get buy-in from local stakeholders

Drive home the benefits of knowing and improving risky behaviors to local stakeholders.

Overview of nudge interventions

Sharing sensitive data to personal email
Creating automatic forwarding rules
Mass download from acontrolled place (e.g. Salesforce, SharePoint)
Sharing data to external destinations in an unrestricted manner
Sharing data to public destinations in an unrestricted manner
Accepting external contact requests in Teams
Clicking on a malicious URL
Employees using an outdated browser
USB-stick usage
USB-stick initiated installation
Unwanted software detected on employee's device
Unwanted software prevented on employee's device
Malware detected on employee's device
Malware prevented on employee's device
File shared with unauthorized domain
Externally shared source code
File sensitivity downgraded
Employee granted access to new permissions (e.g. PII-data)
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