Why Hoxhunt?

Breaches start with people, so Hoxhunt does too. We combine cognitive automation with the human touch to create individualized adaptive training experiences employees love, and a managed service model enterprises depend on.

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Risk-based awareness training

Email is your biggest risk. It should be your top priority.

90% of breaches start with email-based attacks. Hoxhunt is designed for people because they're the target of email threats, which comprise your biggest risk: from malware and credential harvesting to ransomware attacks.


Attacks target people. Solutions must be designed for people, too.

We know how to train employees as individuals in the arts of cyber self-defence. Put your people first with fun training designed to adapt to their skill level. Be confident they are actively engaged in protecting your organization.

cognitive automation

Train people as individuals. Reduce risk for the whole enterprise.

Employee-specific adaptive training produces industry-leading results. Adaptive training on an industrial scale can only be achieved with machine learning-assisted algorithms that assess each employee's skill and trains them with personalized content tailored to their skill level.

full service

Library solutions are limited. Cognitive automation is boundless.

Free yourself from time-consuming decisions and optimize results with a platfrom that automatically builds just the right training paths for every employee. The platform constantly learns along with employees based on their behavior and thousands of continuously updated data inputs.

customer service

Our team of awareness experts have your back

Customer Success Managers are your strategic partners, skilled at tailoring an awareness program that suits your needs. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will set you up for success by continuously ensuring your program is meeting your awareness goals and KPIs. We are here to help you get started, stay on track, and communicate results.

Hoxhunt is more than a tool or a managed service. We are the human side of the next-gen security awareness program. And we look forward to being your co-pilots along your security awareness journey.

Partnering with world-leading cybersecurity providers

enterprise security awareness

Enterprise grade security

Key Security and Privacy Features
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant
California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliant
Third-Party Oversight (SOC2 and SOC3)
Schrems II & Data Residency Statement
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