Hoxhunt works actively with trusted advisors and partners around the world. Together we help our enterprise clients to build meaningful awareness programs and response against social engineering attacks.

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Best-in-class security consultants are building awareness programs that create measurable results in risk-reduction, behavior change and security culture. We partner with advisories that use state-of-art methodologies to lead transformational programs. The partner is able to significantly impact revenue and make better decisions with the metrics our programs offer.


Behaav helps organizations create security awareness and secure behavior based on a 4-step approach: Assess, Educate, Direct and Sustain.


Deloitte’s Cyber Risk practice is widely acknowledged as the leading global security advisory and implementation practice, and is qualified to support clients' response to evolving cyber threats in a secure, vigilant, and resilient manner.

Tree Solution

TreeSolution is a partner for companies that want to intelligently improve their information security. Based on a scientific approach, years of experience and metrics derived from each client enterprise, we develop methodologies that strengthen information security where it matters most: your employees.

Managed Security Services Providers

Increased engagement in training leads to 10-20 times more reported threats from the employees. Our MSSP partners are able to integrate that intelligence seamlessly into their incident process. This enables them to grow recurring revenue and decrease time to remediation. Each of your MSSP clients will benefit from the single most important aspect of the Hoxhunt offering: Real metrics that can be used to show an ongoing improvement in your security posture. We can back this up. Over the past five years our clients have been able to show a significant uptick in security awareness. When it’s time for the CISO to speak to the board there is nothing more crucial than real metrics to make a business case to prove that security can improve the bottom line.


Elisa is a full-service partner in information security. Elisa helps prevent network threats and information security attacks to ensure that your company’s information is protected and remains inside your organization.


Accudata Systems is an IT consulting and integration company with over three decades of experience providing high-impact IT infrastructure services and integrated solutions.


Nixu is a cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. Nixu helps organizations embrace digitalization securely.

Ecosystem alliances

Agile and innovative integrations are a must with the fight against cybercrime. We partner with technologies that enable enterprises and partners to have the whole 360 process to threat identification and remediation.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, is shaping the cloud-centric future with technology that is transforming the way people and organizations operate. Hoxhunt closes the loop with Palo Alto integration for malicious email remediation.


Hoxhunt has created Google Build partnership to integrate seamlessly with the Google Workspace environment.


Hoxhunt has partnered with Microsoft and integrates seamlessly to Microsoft 365, enabling you to make the most out of the features of your platform. Whether it’s connecting data to your Sentinel or removing threats in real-time with ATP AIR, we can enable it.

Reseller partners

We offer a profitable reseller partner program for those looking to gain strategic advantage and impact to customers. We value our reseller relationships and we want you to grow together with you.

GuidePoint Security

We provide organizations with proven expertise, tailored solutions and services to help make better cybersecurity decisions that minimize risk.


Atea is the leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions in the Nordic and Baltic region.


SoftwareONE is a leading global provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions.


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Our security approach focuses on comprehensive security governance, risk management and mitigation, and compliance. This includes strong encryption of all data both in rest and in transit, network security, vm hardening, role based access control, system monitoring, logging, traces, metrics with alerts, and more.