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Hoxhunt is a people-first cybersecurity platform that protects companies from the risk of cyberattacks. Companies come to us because traditional training can’t meet the risk of phishing attacks, which is where 90% of data breaches start.

If you’re like them, your programs may be limited by:
● Low engagement: since people have to “fail into training,” you reach only a small percent of users with a negative experience.
● Misleading metrics: one-size-fits-all simulations are either too hard or too easy for most users, so you can’t assess true risk.
● Infrequent delivery: because simulations are time-consuming to create, employees don’t get enough practice to build resilience.

Traditional training

Working with Hoxhunt, you’ll maximize user engagement with a positive experience that motivates all users to report attacks. You’ll offer training that is:
Highly engaging: You’ll provide positive reinforcement and an individualized experience that adapts to users’ skill levels.
Accurate: You’ll report on true risk with personalized simulations based on timely, real-world threats.
● Continuous: You’ll drive resilience with automated, frequent simulations that don’t burden your IT team.

Hoxhunt training

Greater engagement means that you’ll increase reporting rates of real threats, which means you’ll stay on the cutting edge of a constantly-evolving threat landscape.

Discover how many more training moments you'll be able to facilitate with Hoxhunt compared to traditional based training.


The power of Hoxhunt

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Training that works

No more dull training. Make learning exciting to motivate people to participate and learn.

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Visibility into threats

What you don’t know can’t hurt you? Wrong. Reveal the threats you receive.

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End-to-end automation

Manual work is so last season. Automate the entire process from start to finish.

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1000+ reviews

"This is the best training I have in Nokia in the past 3-5 years, teaching me being suspicious, checking the details, always thinking before clicking. Examples are very-very good: tricky, unexpected, simulating the reality."

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1000+ reviews

"HoxHunt is doing excellent job by giving updates on subjects how to identify and avoid security threats from hackers."

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1000+ reviews

It’s fun when successfully catch the suspicious email! We learn while we play, we play while we learn.

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1000+ reviews

“There is no substitute for experience and HoxHunt offers the option to practice in a safe manner.”