Security awareness Training

Modern security awareness training for today’s workforce

Take control of the security awareness lifecycle, from compliance to lasting security knowledge. Our security awareness training solutions ensure timely, relevant training for each individual with content that engages and resonates.

Security awareness manager setting up a training module

Maximize results with minimal effort

Effective security awareness programs do more than just meet compliance. They build a foundation of security-first practices. By engaging, educating, and rewarding employees, great security awareness programs enhance participation and foster a culture committed to rigorous security standards.

Achieve compliance

Cover your security awareness and compliance needs with modern and engaging training. Easily manage and customize trainings based on your unique company policies.

Hoxhunt's annual security awareness training. People who have not completed the training highlighted with a notification to send them a nidge to complete the training.

Boost security knowledge

Make training relevant by educating employees based on their role and location. Automatically trigger mandatory trainings for new joiners.

A person looking at Hoxhunt security awareness training modules

Create a positive security culture

Building a successful culture starts with enhancing the right behaviors. Reward employees for their right actions and proactively fill in their skill gaps.

A positive experience after succeeding in Hoxhunt's security awareness training
Hoxhunt's training library and package information

Up-to-date training library

Cover all your compliance and awareness needs with an always up-to-date training library. When unique needs arise, use our powerful generative AI to create content tailored to you.

Achieve compliance easily

Our training library contains ready-made and easily customizable training content packages to meet important regulatory requirements.

Target training delivery

Let our powerful algorithm handle the distribution of your uploaded content to the right people, at the right time.

Unleash the power of generative AI

Generate new training content automatically with the power of our generative AI content editor.

Role-based learning

Enhance the impact of your training by tailoring it to the unique needs of each employee segment. Automatically customize your content to align with employee roles, departments, and locations to maintain compliance and ensure your message resonates.

UI view of Hoxhunt's user management

Make training relevant

Customize training based on factors such as employees’ role and location.

Ensure training completion

Let automation handle the distribution and ensuring completion of training.

Automate security onboarding

Use smart rules to automatically trigger training for new joiners.

A visualization on Hoxhunt's nudge messages

Multi-channel engagement

Enhance your security awareness with intuitive training that integrates directly into employees’ daily tools. Activate Hoxhunt with a single click on platforms like Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Increase your training engagement

Create a self-reinforcing training experience by using reward-based incentives that motivate your employee participation.

Embed your training into your employees’ workflow

Automatically train your employees during their workday with micro-training moments delivered in the workflow.

Integrate the training seamlessly

Modern integrations to Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack and Teams.

Powerful dashboards to track your progress

Gain real-time visibility into your program performance with modern dashboards comprising next-level metrics. Set your priorities with data-driven decisions and report to leadership with ease and confidence.

Hoxhunt's Human Risk Dashboard

Export training reports

Easily extract insights into your biggest pockets of risk and where you have achieved your highest performance improvements.

Analyze your training data

Get a detailed understanding of your organization's vulnerability levels by drilling down to country or department-level results.

Identify your priorities

Manage your program effortlessly with insights revealing common threads of success and failure.

What our customers are saying

“Hoxhunt has helped us surpass anything our legacy SAT tools could deliver.”

Ryan Boulais