Automated Security Awareness Training

Prioritize awareness topics based on risk preferences and automatically cater content for your employees.

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Comprehensive security awareness training

We cover all your bases.

Phishing security risks
Phishing security risks

Automated curriculum

Training content is delivered to employees based on your preferences and prioritization of the curriculum.

Continuous modelling is enabled to keep security at the forefront of peoples minds
The training curriculum is delivered automatically
Each employee receives a tailored learning path
Continuous microtraining with awards

Continuous bite-sized training

The Hoxhunt algorithm delivers quick, in-the-moment micro-training experiences that affirm good behavior and transform failures into fun and engaging learning opportunities.

Training delivered automatically
Adaptive experience based on employee
In the moment micro training moments
Security awareness training quiz

Prioritize topics from a large awareness library

Choose the most globally risk-relevant awareness topics, or select what's most important to your company. Training will cater automatically to your priorities.

Automated user management
Translated to over 30 languages
Prioritize relevant awareness topics
Security awareness training library


Know which business units are performing great, which ones need help, and measure progress, while maintaining full control and visibility of the program.

Key insights automatically delivered
Modern reporting engine
Measure program performance
Reporting dashboard