Safety First: How COVID-19 Affects our People and Customers

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At Hoxhunt, we always put our customers first, and to commit to that fully, we also need to put our employees’ health and wellbeing first.  At Hoxhunt, we all feel obligated to do our share to help prevent the further spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). That is why, as of March 16th, we decided to apply a remote policy across offices in Helsinki, Finland, and London, United Kingdom for the time being. We canceled all company travel in Europe, the United States, as well as Asia. As the situation is uncertain, we will closely monitor the status of the outbreak and always make decisions considering the safety and health of Hoxhunt’s employees. We want to be fully transparent with our customers, thus we will update this post accordingly and notify you through various channels.

Remote Work

Hoxhunt’s offices are currently closed. All employees are working from the safety of their homes until further notice. We are closely following the news and assessing the current situation. We will communicate the decision about re-opening the offices to our employees via all-hands Zoom meeting, Slack, and email.  

Continuity of the Business

The remote work policy will not affect our work with our customers. The whole team is always 100% committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience. We will continue to serve you from our homes during the coronavirus outbreak as well.    

Company Travel

All business travel is canceled until further notice to keep our employees, their families and friends, and our customers safe.  Employees who are traveling for personal reasons must share their travel plans with the Hoxhunt People Team. Employees traveling must also agree to stay home 14 days after their return.  


We frequently travel to events and conferences to meet our current and future customers. In the shadows of this outbreak, we decided to cancel all upcoming conferences and trade shows.    

Feel Free to Contact us

It’s an uncertain time for most of us all over the world. We hope that you, your employees, as well as your families and friends, are safe.  Hopefully, this update informed you of how Hoxhunt reacts to this situation. As we value our employees and customers, we want you all to be safe and healthy. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us directly at or reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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