Hoxhunt recognized with 3 TrustRadius awards!

We are delighted to announce that Hoxhunt scored a hat trick with the Winter 2023 TrustRadius “Best of” awards for Best Feature Set, Best Relationship, and Best Value for Price.

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TrustRadius, a leading B2B technology review and ratings platform, selects the winners of their “Best of” awards based on vetted reviews by users and admins of the products. This year, TrustRadius analyzed feedback from thousands of users and named the top performers across a number of categories, and we are thrilled to have come out in 2nd place across the board in the Security Awareness Training category! This is an exceptional accomplishment because, as a security behavior change platform, Hoxhunt is designed to go beyond awareness and and enable unprecedented human risk management.

“This recognition by TrustRadius is particularly gratifying because it comes from both the end-user employees as well as their admins, which validates our entire approach of being designed for people and built to manage enterprise human risk. Everyone has worked incredibly hard to advance the Hoxhunt experience beyond awareness and into lasting behavior change. They've innovated cutting-edge technology while maintaining vital human connections to ensure our customers achieve their goals.” -- Co-Founder and CEO, Mika Aalto

The results are in

These respected industry awards, which TrustRadius calls “Trusted awards,” highlight a true commitment to transparency. Our accolades include:

  • Best Feature Set: This award recognizes products for having the most comprehensive and advanced feature set in their category. Security leaders praise Hoxhunt for delivering individualized training at scale to give employees the skills to keep themselves and their organizations safe from even sophisticated phishing attacks. The real value comes from extending that protection beyond the training environment to integrate real threat detection into the security stack to enhance protect-detect-respond capabilities. TrustRadius gives this award to the product with the largest percentage of high ratings on its feature set in user reviews.
  • Best Relationship: This award recognizes the trusted relationships we have built with our customers. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience and being responsive to the needs of our users with a CS team that gets security programs on track and keeps them going no matter how tricky the terrain. When judging this award, TrustRadius analyzed insights from user reviews, looking at the highest ratings for criteria such as, “would buy again,” “implementation expectations,” and “sales and marketing promises.”
  • Best Value for Price: This award recognizes Hoxhunt for providing an outstanding value for the price of the platform. Our product has been praised for the return on resilience investment seen by companies of all sizes. TrustRadius gives this award to the product with the largest percentage of high ratings on “value for price” in user reviews.

Cybersecurity behavior change by, for, and of the user

We are honored to be recognized by TrustRadius and our users with these three awards. These awards validate the innovation and effort of the entire Hoxhunt team, from Customer Success to Product. A huge thank you is in order for our customers' loyalty and support. Security is everyone's business. Together, we're making the world a more cyber-secure place, at work and at home.

Hoxhunt was designed to be the first truly people-first security behavior change and awareness training experience in the industry, and to be recognized by by both users and admins

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