Password update failed—luckily

Password update failed—luckily

Lucky for you, we’re the good ones. We don’t want your credit information—we want you and your employer to be safe from scams.

Phishing attacks with the goal to get your login info increased over 900% this year. And credential compromise is still one of the most costly types of phishing.

Since they come in a ton of different formats, have a look at different types of credential harvesters and related emails. All the images and videos are from real threats we've had reported and use to create our phishing simulations.

A few credential harvesting page examples: Top 5 things lurking behind forbidden phishing links and Embedded Email Credential Harvesting.

How do credential harvesters work? Everything You Wanted To Know About Malware | Credential Harvesting.

Some more real credential harvesters

Advertisers beware—how scammers are getting into your ad accounts | Facebook Ad Credential Harvester

Credential Harvesting with Fake Popup

US Department of Transportation phishing attack and credential harvesting scam

More examples from the Threat Feed

Threat Feed Week 47 | Meta Business Support

Threat Feed Week 45 | Meta Facebook

Threat Feed Week 41 | Microsoft Fake Login

Threat Feed Week 46 | HR Time Off Request

Threat Feed Week 16 | SAP

Threat Feed Week 16 |

Threat Feed Week 17 | Tinder

Threat Feed Week 22 | Microsoft Authenticator

Threat Feed Week 24 | Adobe Sign

Threat Feed Week 25 | Calendar Invite and Bitcoin

Threat Feed Week 27 | HR impersonation

Threat Feed Week 30 | Fake Voicemail

Threat Feed Week 42 | Outlook Password Expiration

Threat Feed Week 43 | DocuSign and Microsoft

Threat Feed Week 44 | Microsoft OneDrive

Threat Feed Week 45 | Zoom

Threat Feed Week 47 | Black Friday Order

Threat Feed Week 47 | Adobe Acrobat

Threat Feed Week 48 | Netflix

Threat Feed Week 48 | Polygon Crypto

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