Webinar With Garrett Cook and Michael Barone From G2

Why building positive experience into cybersecurity training enables better culture and engagement

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When Garrett Cook and Michael Barone were tasked with building the security architecture for G2, the world’s leading software review site, they wanted to build positive experience into their cybersecurity training programs. They’d seen what a disincentive punishment-based training programs were to engagement. And they wanted to avoid negative experiences, like the infamous “phishing jails,” which could torpedo culture and choke off the needed conversations between information security and everyone else.

Listen to their refreshingly upbeat cybersecurity insights and experiences in this May 20 webinar, hosted by Sam Hooke of Hoxhunt.

  • Why is a positive experience more effective than negative?
  • How do you achieve widespread company engagement?
  • How do you create a great cybersecurity culture around your security programs?
  • How does G2, the world’s leading software review site, choose vendors?

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