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Phishing awareness training that employees love

Don’t let your employees fall victim to phishing attacks. Educate them on dangerous emails using Hoxhunt so that they can learn to recognize and report real attacks.

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Employees receive and report
personalized attack simulations
Report attacks in
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Reward employees and
learn using microtraining

Receive & report simulations

Learn from the microtraining

Get tips on clues how to recognize threats

Get tips on clues how to recognize threats

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Everything employees need in a phishing training

Great content

The relevant content will make employees wonder whether they received a Hoxhunt simulation or an actual threat. It will keep them alert at all times.

Frequent simulations

Frequency in training is a must in order to have a real impact on a person’s learning and behavior. We send users multiple simulations per month.


After reporting a Hoxhunt simulation, users will get a few tips to help them to recognize malicious emails in the future.


The personalized training automatically matches the skill, level, role, or department of the user for an engaging and realistic experience.


Gamification makes the training more rewarding for the employees. It’s exciting and fun so that employees want to participate.


Currently, we support 20+ languages so that users can also have culturally relevant training. We are constantly adding more languages!

We cherish the feedback from our users.

“Hoxhunt keeps you alert and teaches you to recognize harmful emails at the same time.”

“The best part is that you will be appropriately suspicious of unexpected emails.”

“I like how Hoxhunt can give me peace of mind whenever I don’t trust an email. I report it, and I will get feedback about whether it was malicious or not.”

“You will pay more attention to your emails and you will think twice before you open everything that comes in without a second thought.”

“The unexpected test emails make the experience real-life. The explanation of traps is helpful.”

Increase the reporting rate up to 70%

Why Don’t employees report?

A lack of practical training means employees don’t have the skills to recognize threats. A cumbersome reporting process can also get in the way of reporting. Typically, only 4% of employees enrolled in awareness training report threats.

how do we turn that around?

Hoxhunt phishing training is engaging and practical. Employees learn to recognize threats, and they can report them with a single click from the email client. On average, 70% of people enrolled in Hoxhunt training start reporting actual threats.

Typical Phishing tool results

Decrease the failure rate to only 2%

Why Are failure rates still high?

Failure rates are still as high as 25% because other awareness training fails to teach employees through practice that reporting a suspicious email is the safest thing to do.

how do we turn that around?

Our practical training teaches employees to report suspicious emails instead of taking any other action. The right behavior helps to decrease failure rates to 2% or less.

Typical Phishing tool results

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Employees will care more about security.


From awareness to behavior training

It’s not enough that people are aware of the dangers of phishing emails. Our goal is to teach your employees to identify and report threats with better accuracy.

Through continuous practice, users will be more critical about emails, and they will more confidently take the right action.

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Create a strong cybersecurity culture

Enabling and educating employees with Hoxhunt is a great step towards creating a stronger cybersecurity culture.

We help people to practice safe email habits in their personal and professional lives. When they understand how important security is, they will be more enthusiastic about protecting your organization’s assets.

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Do you want to catch threats faster?

Receive real-time reports and automate threat classification.

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“Hoxhunt is great at keeping you on your toes about cyber threats.”

“Great tool for your team to raise their awareness of cybersecurity.”

“Extremely good solution to increase awareness of email phishing attacks.”

“Quick and effective way to encourage cybersecurity best practices.”

“Most engaging security training tool.”

“Blue ocean phishing training.”

“Great platform enabling efficient learning.”

“Hoxhunt makes cybersecurity fun and interesting”

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