A Incident Response Platform That Puts Threat Data To Work

Stay protected from even the most sophisticated attackers with a live threat feed from the Hoxhunt global sensor network.

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Eliminate threats that bypass filters

Hoxhunt Response harnesses data from the Hoxhunt global sensor network to detect and eliminate email threats that slip past your technical protections.

Phishing threat elimination
response features

Automated feedback for employee reported threats

A powerful behavior-change and learning tool, Instant Feedback leverages our machine learning model to give users immediate insight into the potentially malicious emails they report. Rewarding threat reporting in-the-moment motivates continuous threat reporting.

Enables employee to spot zero-day threats
Enables in-the-moment training for real phishing attacks
Employees receive immediate analysis and feedback for suspected threats
Instant feedback on phishing report

Enrich and cluster to focus on largest risks

Security teams are flooded with employee reported threats. That's good! Hoxhunt response automatically analyzes threats to streamline security operations and enable rapid response to active threats.

Creates and escalates incidents to your security operations
Manage attack clusters instead of single threats
Separates real threats from the noise
Threat clustering

Orchestrate threat data to take action

Employee reported threat data has negative value if not put into action. Response enables data orchestration and integration to multiple destinations such as ServiceNow, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Sentinel, Cortex XSOAR and Proofpoint TAP.

Create advanced threat orchestration rules
Orchestrate threat data to multiple destinations
Integrate data back into the preventative layer and automate threat response
Phishing orchestration