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Rewriting the rules of cybersecurity training

We are on a mission to reduce your human risk by putting Hoxhunt into the inboxes of employees worldwide.

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All great companies start with a great story

It all started in 2016 when university friends Mika and Pyry dreamt of a world where one puts humans first in cybersecurity. From a cellar in Espoo, Finland, they started the revolution.

On a car ride home, Mika gave Pyry a call and confirmed he was in, and then Hoxhunt was born.

As the journey would be long and full of dangers, they invited Karri and Pasi to join the fellowship and pressed on together!

To top it all, we’ve attracted some real cybersecurity legends on board to advise us.

We decided to create a better cybersecurity training for employees, one that is made with people in mind.


Employee stories

Meet our founders & advisors

Mika Aalto

CEO & Co-founder

Pyry Åvist

CTO & Co-founder

Karri Kurunmäki

Head of Strategy & Co-founder

Pasi Salo

Software Engineering & Co-founder

Petri Kuivala


Risto Siilasmaa


Marcus Beyer



Breaking away from the traditional cybersecurity training market

We decided to create a better cybersecurity training for employees, one that is made with people in the mind

User first

Our philosophy has been ‘user-first’ from day one, so we needed to create a product the users would enjoy and want to use.

User experience

For user-first training, an exceptional user experience is vital. People need to have engaging training so that they want to participate

Continuous training

Practice is essential for learning so that people can know what they’re supposed to do when they encounter threats.

An awesome product calls for an incredible team

Hoxhunt couldn’t be what it is today without its incredible team

Tech, product, customer success, content, sales, and marketing are all working together toward our goal: astonishing our users in every possible way. Right now, 76 of us (and counting!) want to make sure that people worldwide learn safe email practices using Hoxhunt.


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A special thank you to our investors

We couldn’t teach employees how to fight the bad guys without you

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