Fantasy Football: Derrick Henry, Human Brute Force Attack

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My Hoxhunt colleague was ahead by 30 points going into Monday Night Football. But he was nervous. His opponent had one player left to go. Unfortunately, that player was, as my colleague now calls him, the human Brute Force Attack: Derrick Henry. 34 points later, he had lost. Since Derrick Henry was handed the starting job, the game plan of the Tennessee Titans has been simple. Run it. A lot. Throw a pass. Then run some more. Run Derrick Henry up the middle. Run him off-tackle. Then run somewhere else. Derrick Henry has rushed for over 100 yards five times already this year. He is a perennial league winner, and seems to defy the laws of medicine with his refusal to slow down despite all the punishment he’s given and received running through and over the biggest, toughest athletes on Earth. Everyone knows he’s getting the ball but no one can stop him. Brute. Force. Attack.

Derrick Henry is the human manifestation of the brute force cyberattack

When hackers use a brute force attack, they submit many passwords or pass phrases until they hit the right combo. Whether their hacker tools involve sophisticated technologies like AI, or a more manual system of speedy trial and error, they will regardless check all possible combinations of letters/numbers/characters and variations of common passwords and phrases until the correct password is unlocked. Attackers may also do exhaustive key research to guess the key that is typically created from the password using a key derivation function.Once a hacker guesses your password, they can break into your own personal endzone of sensitive information like Derrick Henry breaking through the line at the goal line. And make no mistake: if they get into your bank account or valuable data, they will do a touchdown dance as surely as Henry.Brute force attacks work well when the target uses simple passwords. The longer and more complicated your password is, the harder it is to hack with brute force. Eight-character passwords using upper/lower case, numbers and letters, and special characters are considered adequate for Windows 10 best practices, for instance, but passwords over 12 characters are better. Check out the table below.

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Waiver Wire Week 6: Everyone will be scouring the waivers for Week 7’s brutal BYE weeks.

D’Ernest Johnson, RB, CLE Browns: Kareem Hunt is out for multiple weeks with a calf injury. Nick Chubb is iffy with a calf injury of his own. Cleveland has the best running attack in the league, and Johnson has looked interesting on the few carries he’s received. His teammate, Demetric Felton, is also worth a look, as a pass-catching back.J.D. McKissic, RB, WFT: Antonio Gibson owners are annoyed at the touchdown thief. But everyone else sees that the guy is just good at football. Dude can play. He’s not yet rostered in half of leagues but that will change this week with all the bye week replacements. While his ceiling will never be high as the second option, he’ll score points like a poor man's James White.Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, NE Patriots: The big fella flashed his intriguing upside all preseason long. He might be the Pats’ next Legarrette Blount. But when? I happen to think Damien Harris is talented and will stick around as the lead back, but you never know with the Patriots. Stevenson could suddenly become the main man on first and second down and at the goal line.Travis Homer, DeeJay Dallas, and Rashaad Penny, RB, SEA Seahawks: Pick a Seahawk running back, any Seahawk running back. This is a running team now that Russ Wilson is out. Starter, Chris Carson is out and, as good as Alex Collins has looked, he's an injury away from opening up opportunity for a group of talented do-it-all RBs. Dallas and Homer have looked explosive and skilled in the passing game. I happen to especially like Homer of this bunch. But Penny, the former 1st round pick whose career has been derailed by injuries, has the coaching staff in his corner. They seem to want him to step into a prominent role as early as this week, his first back from injury. Penny could be had for a 0 bid on waivers, but might pay dividends.Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, CLE Browns: He’s a physically gifted receiver who was at one time one of the top prospects coming out of high school. He caught four passes for 101 yards and two TDs last week, and seems on the verge of carving out a lead role.Marquez Callaway, NO Saints: He’s got the skills, he’s got the opportunity… and now he’s got the woeful Seahawks defense. He’s worth a play if you need a bye week replacement.

Why fantasy football as a cybersecurity metaphor? We're all about engagement!

Cybersecurity isn't the preferred water cooler topic at most companies. So how does it become one with enterprises who use Hoxhunt? We personalize the content and the whole training experience into something interesting and engaging to all sorts of people, at all levels of cybersecurity awareness.Many people think it's too scary, too complicated, and too technical to even begin getting their heads around. But that's where Hoxhunt comes in. Our people know how to talk to your people about cybersecurity. We love doing it in all sorts of ways. Including the occasional sports metaphor.

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