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Here in Finland, it's not usually the done thing to brag about your accomplishments. But, on the very special occasion of passing over 1000+ glowing, positive reviews on G2 — an industry gold-standard for business software peer-reviews — we thought we'd highlight some of our favorite quotes from what our customers are saying about us. We want to thank each and every one of you who have written a review already, this is truly a milestone that we as a team of 150+ members are thrilled about crossing. Here's to many more to come; we can't wait to show you what we've got in store for the future. Check all the reviews out for yourself on Hoxhunt's G2 page!

It's like going to the cybersecurity gym often.

— Luis A.

I am a big fan of the way that the task of learning how to identify malicious emails has been sort of gamified. Begin able to see how you fare against others and with some of the emails really being tested can be fun. The tasks that you can complete in the Hoxhunt application are also very interesting, and a bit fun. It gives great insight to how scammers are crafting these emails, and what to look out for.

— Victor N.

By getting reminders and emails from Hoxhunt we are really pushing all the people to make an effort to improve. By also having a point system in the background is something that is triggering me to perform better as well. The easy access to the button "Report this email" is also really well placed.

— Kristian K. 

Hoxhunt provides really good hands-on practice about safety and security. The fake malicious emails are well masked to look like real ones giving me good practice to prepare for the real ones. And I like the mini-training followed once the email was successfully reported to learn more. This helps me a lot more than just reading some material about the topic.

— Milla S. 

The hunt is what I like! It's fun throughly reading each and every email that comes through to be sure that it's not a hoax. It's teaching me what to look out for.

— Courtney M. 

Fantastic and intuitive software for security training purposes.

— Nathan F.

Hoxhunt helps ensure our confidential information remains secure, and makes us question every email we get, which quickly becomes a habit. As a result, we are elevating our business standards.

— Matthew D. 

My team has contests to see who gets the most stars.

— Carolyn C. 

I had failed phishing tests before due to the lack of knowledge and information. But now, after using Hoxhunt for a while, I can easily identify a phishing mail.

— Arjun M. 

I have learned a lot with this tool. I wish there were more chances to get more points!

— Brenda C.

The usual approach of a yearly training is perceived as boring and most employees are not interested in doing it. Hoxhunt adds fun to this task and keeps people alert to watch out for malicious emails. With all the gamification around and leaderboards, users stay motivated to keep identifying and reporting malicious emails. With Hoxhunt, you are always on the lookout.

— Henrique S. 

It's super easy to navigate as it has an amazing UI and UX. Gamification done right.

— Markus D. 

HoxHunt should be used everywhere, especially by the elderly. If I could put forward a complaint it would be that I don't get enough of the training emails. The scoreboard makes it fun and I'm always on the lookout for more.

— Vilma M. 

Hoxhunt delivers a great user experience. It is effortless to be engaged since the training is unexpected. The comparison between colleagues' performance is also a great feature, which creates awareness of everyday web activities. My level of awareness is much higher than before. Now, I understand better the modus operandi of those who want to steal data and information. 

— Oscar O. 

I really can't say anything that I dislike about Hoxhunt, except when it does succeed to trick me it's like losing at a game of poker… but the pain is there for a reason. Hoxhunt is teaching you every time you fail. 

— Jerry D. 

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