Are you minimizing your human cyber-risk? See how you compare to your industry peers

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Reduce your human cyber risk
Hoxhunt's adaptive security training dramatically increases engagement and security resilience.
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Why you should assess your current level of human risk

Most cyber breaches include a human element

In a typical breach, one of your employees makes an unintentional mistake and interacts with a malicious email. That interaction results in the employee’s credentials leaking or your company getting infected with a virus.

The importance of understanding your human risk

More than ever, cybersecurity is essential for organizations in every industry globally. While ever-improving technology can be deployed to reinforce digital firewalls to protect critical systems, malicious actors continue to target the layer of protection that has always been easier to break: humans. CISOs know that training people to understand and recognize digital threats strengthens the organization against attacks.

How to diminish your human risk

You can start with identifying your greatest human risk areas. Several organizations have successfully used a similar strategy to decrease their risk.

  • Visualize the state of your human risk by testing your resiliency against a de-weaponized real-world attack scenario.
  • Automatically assign your employees to fun and engaging training that's relevant to them by personalizing the training experience to their language, role, and location.
  • Adjust the training experience difficulty as your employees improve. Now, your employees can start protecting your organization against attacks as they start reporting phishing simulations that are harder to spot.
  • As your employees detect more real threats, quickly respond by escalating the most severe threats to your Security Operations Center.
  • Gather documentation of the program’s key metrics and report progress to your stakeholders.

Your employees can mitigate your cyber-risk with the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to take the right action when facing a real-world threat.

AES fail rate progress graph versus global rate.

Hoxhunt Challenge: The Human Risk Benchmark

Want to start mitigating your human risk? Participate in the Hoxhunt Challenge to test how you fare in an attack simulation our cybersecurity experts produce and compare your results against your industry’s benchmark data.

Compare your results anonymously against your peers

With the Hoxhunt Challenge Benchmark, you can compare your results anonymously against peers and understand how you rank within your industry. This way, you’ll gain visibility into your human risk and understand what you can do to mitigate it.

Evaluate your rank within your industry

The threat landscape can take different shapes and forms, depending on the industry that your organization is operating in. That's why benchmarking your organization’s performance against similar companies is a good strategy for choosing the right actions to mitigate your human risk.

How to participate in the Hoxhunt Challenge

Apply to join the Hoxhunt Challenge to test how you fare in an attack simulation produced by our cybersecurity experts and compare your results against the Hoxhunt Challenge Benchmark.

Stay tuned for the results

The sign up for the challenge is over for the moment. Stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter to find out the results.

Steps to create real cybersecurity behavior change.

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