Hoxhunt Bolsters Partnership Strategy to Bring Leading Cybersecurity Behavior Change Technology to the UK

Hoxhunt is pleased to announce partnerships with leading UK cybersecurity firms, Kite Distribution, Kocho, and Secon as part of a broad strategy to bring the leading human risk management platform to enterprises in the UK.

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Hoxhunt, the market leader in security behavior change and human risk management, today announced the company’s expanding presence in the UK region to help companies reduce their cyber-risk at its greatest source, the human layer. The most recent partnerships include: Kite Distribution, a UK focused distributor that specializes in bringing innovative and disruptive security technologies to the UK channel; Kocho, a multi-time, Microsoft Partner Of The Year, with over 20 years’ experience in identity, security, and cloud transformation; and Secon, a cyber security service provider for private and public organizations.

Through these partnerships, UK companies will now have new opportunities to access the human threat detection and response capabilities that the Hoxhunt Platform delivers. Hoxhunt’s security behavior change technology is uniquely positioned to reduce organizations’ human-related risk with automated programs that combine artificial intelligence (AI), behavioral science, game mechanics, and individualized and adaptive learning paths, to teach people how to detect and report the most sophisticated social engineering attacks.

Hoxhunt announced its partnership with Kite distribution in June of this year during Infosecurity Europe to accelerate operations in the UK/I. “It is our policy to rigorously road test any product that we consider adding to our portfolio as we are highly selective with who we ultimately offer,” said Stuart Nairne-Clark, Business Development Director at Kite Distribution. “Having put Hoxhunt’s technology through its paces and compared it with market alternatives, we realized the full breadth and depth of the company’s security behavior change capabilities that fill a strategically important cybersecurity market gap. We have seen an increasing demand for solutions which can more accurately and effectively mitigate human risk in recent times, and we look forward to partnering with Hoxhunt to meet this demand.”

Last month, Hoxhunt also announced that the company has partnered with Kocho to empower organizations to proactively mitigate risks and significantly improve their security posture. The combination of Kocho’s cutting-edge detection and response solutions and managed security services, with Hoxhunt’s ground-breaking Human Risk Management platform, will transform cyber security protection and awareness in the UK-region. By combining cognitive automation and human touch, Hoxhunt’s managed service model ensures individualized adaptive learning paths that change people’s cyber behavior to combat the evolving threats of social engineering attacks.

“We believe that Kocho and Hoxhunt are in a great place to help our customers dramatically reduce true risk,” said Andy Brown, Product Director at Kocho.

Since then, Hoxhunt has also partnered with Secon. Hoxhunt and Secon’s combined expertise will strengthen UK organizations' focus on three core areas: prevention through security behavior change, monitoring through human risk dashboards, and reporting potential threats before breaches happen.

“With social engineering being one of the top causes of initial entry by cyber criminals, it is important that employees are empowered to be able to recognize any attempts of being lured by cyber criminals,” Andrew Gogarty, CTO at Secon. “Hoxhunt brings a fresh risk-based approach focused on measurable behavior change, empowering employees to recognize cyber threats and encouraging employee engagement through the gamification of the platform. We see Hoxhunt as an important pillar for any organization's cyber security strategy.”

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Hoxhunt, Inc. is a human risk management platform that measurably reduces organisations’ risk of a data breach. Behaviour change happens across the organisation within months with gamified learning journeys that automatically adjust to individuals’ needs and skill levels. Empowered to detect and report sophisticated email attacks, people become invaluable security assets. Combining AI with neuroscience, automation and behavioural science,  the Hoxhunt human risk management platform enables security teams to join forces with employees and stop human-targeted attacks in real-time. The platform automatically categorises and prioritises the sophisticated threats that have bypassed traditional security technology. Leading organisations like DocuSign, AES, Airbus, G2, IGT, and Nokia rely on Hoxhunt to mitigate risk at its greatest source—people—and maximize their return on security investment.  


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