Leadership and team building in cybersecurity: lessons from a fantasy football draft

Shawn Bowen and Dutch Schwartz kick off the Phish Bowl, Hoxhunt's CISO Fantasy Football League

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Air Force veteran and renown thought leader,Shawn Bowen is a 2022 judge and 2021 recipient of CISO Connect’s top-100 CISO recognition. Army veteran and widely recognized cybersecurity expert at AWS, Dutch Schwartz is a leading security voice in the global shift to the cloud. You know what else these two are are experts in? Fantasy football. They will share some fun, poignant insights into cybersecurity leadership and team building, hot on the heels of the first annual CISO Phish Bowl fantasy football draft held on Sept.5.

Shawn and Dutch are amongst 11 CISOs competing in the inaugural Hoxhunt Phish Bowl. It's mostly for fun and primarily meant to spread cybersecurity awareness in fun, new way. But we're also playing for a chance at a deep sea fishing trip. Everyone took their own strategic path towards building teams that would determine their 2022 fantasy fortunes. They were confronted with  strategic decisions of whether to draft players based on their potential for greatness, or to draft based on their historic performance.

Does that same approach apply to building a cybersecurity team? How about growing one? Should you use the cybersecurity-talent equivalent of free agency to fill positions? Or build teams and find talent from within the organization?

As military veterans, football fans, and experts in leading elite cybersecurity teams for amazing organizations, Shawn and Dutch are best bets in the business at answering these burning questions!

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