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We are thrilled to announce that a refreshed Hoxhunt user interface is finally available for our customers at It will be updated for all customers on the 2nd of October, 2020. We can’t wait for you to see the changes and try it out!

We are dedicated to exceptional user experience

Hoxhunt is used by a variety of stakeholders from the chief information security officer (CISO) through Security Operations Center to the employees learning via simulations to report threats. Until now, all the different user groups have been using

Hoxhunt New UI Star

We wanted to separate the end user experience from the admin experience. This is why we created for the end users. The site will continue to serve security teams with necessary information as usual.

Refreshing the end user experience has been an exciting challenge for our product development team.  We rolled up our sleeves and restructured our team to get this project done and work more efficiently in the future. Our awesome designers and developers were onboard and fully dedicated to the goal of delivering the best possible user experience. Separating end user–related features to an interface of its own ( will enable us to deliver frequent product updates and a more powerful user experience for all Hoxhunt end users.

What has changed with this update?

We have changed these three main aspects to make Hoxhunt superb for the end users:

  1. New visual identity
  2. A more secure user authentication system
  3. Improved application performance

During the last couple of months, the product team has been doing some extensive user testing. Every time we received feedback, we cheered because it reassured us that we were on the right path.

At first glance, users may not realize that we have done more than just update the visual identity. While we did design a new look for the game, we have also implemented an enormous amount of improvements in the background to make the user experience smoother.

Hoxhunt New UI Training

The response among the test group was extremely positive. The users did not have trouble using the updated user interface, and, lucky us, they found it visually appealing. Now that we are launching the improved Hoxhunt experience to everyone, we are eager to hear your reactions.

The beginning of the future

This process has taught us a lot. Thanks to the restructuring of the team, we can become even better in the future. It will allow us to work in a more agile manner: design quicker user-specific features, test them, and release them into We are already working on some great new ideas, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

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