Security Yearbook and dashboard analysis with Richard Stiennon

According to Richard Stiennon's newly unveiled Dashboard Analysis, the 2850 security vendors he divides into 16 categories drew over $26 billion in investment in a record-shattering 2021. But what does that mean?

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No one has a better handle of cybersecurity business activity and the thousands of players involved around it than Richard. The legendary analyst has developed a unique dashboard for analyzing the cybersecurity industry.  He'll go over it all in the CISO Sandbox and deliver insights relevant to today's challenges facing cybersecurity investors and infosec leaders.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Latest cybersecurity market trends
  • Hottest cybersecurity categories
  • Greatest cybersecurity vendor hotbeds
  • Latest developments in the emerging cyber war, from the author of There Will Be Cyberwar
  • Insights into the security awareness category
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