The recipe for mitigating human risk, with Perry Carpenter, co-author of The Security Culture Playbook

Perry Carpenter, co-author of The Security Culture Playbook, explains how to lower risk via cultural transformation

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Reduce your human cyber risk
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Lowering risk begins with transforming people’s attitudes and behavior. But how do you bake security into organizational culture? Think vertically, from top to bottom.

Perry Carpenter joins the CISO Sandbox to advance the mission of his book, The Security Culture Playbook (Wiley, April 2022): Equipping executives with the tools and actionable insights needed to understand, measure, and improve security culture.

As Perry and  fellow veteran cybersecurity strategist and co-author, Kai Roer, have written, transforming your organization’s security culture can reduce human risk at every level. Their book exposes the gaps between how organizations have traditionally approached human risk and what they.

In this live webinar you will learn:

  • What security culture really is and how it can be measured
  • The 7 dimensions of security culture
  • Practical tools for managing your security culture program, such as the Security Culture Framework and the Security Culture Maturity Model
  • Insights into building support within the executive team and Board of Directors for your culture management program


PERRY CARPENTER, C|CISO, MSIA, is an author, podcaster, thought leader, and cybersecurity expert specializing in security awareness and the human factors of security. His research focuses on marketing, communication, behavior science, organizational culture management, sociology, and more.

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