Webinar with Dan Lohrmann, award-winning CISO and author of Cyber Mayday

This wide-ranging talk with the author of Cyber Mayday: A Leader's Guide to Preparing, Managing, and Recovering from Inevitable Business Disruptions covers everything from cybersecurity weather and football metaphors to the rising threat of ransomware, and on to developing effective cybersecurity strategies based around cyber-incidents. He also is a big believer in cybersecurity awareness training!

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Dan Lohrmann is an internationally recognized cybersecurity leader, technologist, keynote speaker and author. Hoxhunt is honored to host him in the CISO Sandbox, where he will share his insights on the art of leadership and communication in incident response, from prevention to communication and mitigation. Tapping his vast expertise from top governmental and private sector security leadership positions, Dan will be sharing some amazing insights and war stories including:

- Lessons football can teach cybersecurity teams (it's Super Bowl season!)
- Key insights from Cyber Mayday on incident response
- The art of communication with senior stakeholders
- Can breaches be prevented with culture change and cybersecurity awareness?
- How to prepare for a critical event & what to do once one (inevitably) happens
- Evolution of the CISO: what's next?

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