Career Story: Max,
Senior Software Developer

How, and why did I join the Hoxhunt team?

I was the first hired employee at Hoxhunt. Before that, I had happily spent my days consulting away on customer projects with no real need to change it up.

So even though I already knew most of the founders and the product had gained some traction with customers, it took me something like 8 months for me to make up my mind and take the startup plunge.

Anyway, at the time, changing jobs was pretty much risk-free, and new opportunities would come up quickly if things went south here. Now some two and a half years later it seems that the plunge has been worth it! I had no prior experience with startups, and it has been great to be a part of this from almost the beginning.

What makes it interesting to work here?

For me, there are two sides to this.

First and foremost it is great to actually be part of a team that gets to build a product that is really used by many (unlike some old consultancy projects where the use case was not really thought through). So being able to do good and actually address a customer pain point in a fresh way is great.

Second, we get a lot of interesting threat data from out there on the field, which leads to quite a bit of interesting data analysis we get to do.

What is it like working here?

Well, I get to be myself and code on the ordered chaos with people who feel the same way I do about doing code, which is quality first and foremost.

What would you name as the most interesting challenge?

Getting things to scale with users around the globe and growing amounts of data have been muchos interesting!

Which technologies do I use?

Typescript and golang, with some kubernetes buzzwords sprinkled on top.