Career Story: Mikael,
Senior Account Executive

Why did you join the Hoxhunt team and what is unique about Hoxhunt?

For me personally the values of a company are something I value highly.

From the very beginning, I got a really genuine feeling of the Hoxhunt founders.
You noticed, that they were there for the people and wanted to build something that would be something great for the people but at the same time a great company and business in the future.

To be able to build something successful you need to have the best people working together. And to achieve this you need to have the people in the center of your company, and strong core values to support the day to day work which creates the culture of the company.

This is something that you could see that is done at Hoxhunt, and that is why I joined.

I want to be successful in my work, no matter what my role is, and I know I can be that here with the best people and the great culture Hoxhunt is built upon.

Why should someone interested in start-ups, cybersecurity or SaaS join the Hoxhunt team?

I wouldn’t say that you must be interested in startups, or especially SaaS to think about joining Hoxhunt. Yes, it’s great if these things interest you but at the same time, Hoxhunt is a great place to work no matter your history.

However, if you are interested in startups. This one offers you the possibility to grow with your work and the company, with a solid financial base. The company is growing fast with the market and this means that you get to challenge yourself and develop new things that maybe were not on the roadmap at the beginning of the year. We go where we know we can benefit our customers in the future.

What is unique about the product, the problems we solve and the mission we work for?

We are working inside the ever-growing IT security sector. Where the never-ending cat and mouse game continues between the cybercriminals and the security forces trying to defend against them.

As the technical race goes on, the best way to protect your organization is to teach humans about the dangers out there. This has been tried and failed several times earlier, but now we are offering organizations actual results and a more cyber secure organization with our service. Join us now, and help us, help our customers protect their organizations and their employees in a new, efficient and even a little bit fun way 😀

How is it like to work here? How can you develop as a professional here at Hoxhunt?

As the company is successful and is growing you get to challenge yourself in the ever-developing roles that the company can offer you. You get to challenge yourself with opening new markets, creating new communication packages for customers, or developing new features for the next version of our Hoxhunt games.

The colleagues have been the best part, many motivated, energetic and smart people working together really creates an atmosphere where you yourself want to improve all the time.

Even though some days might be quite long, you will enjoy every one of them 😉