Detect and Prevent Attacks That Bypass Technical Protections

The critical nature of energy and utility companies make them a prime target for malicious actors, while rapid digitalization and a workforce spread across multiple locations, increase the attack surface. A significant part of these attacks come through phishing and social engineering. Outsmart targeted phishing attacks with your most intelligent resource - your human detection network.

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From Security Awareness To Behavior Change

The human element continues to feature in the majority of data breaches, a clear signal that traditional approaches to security awareness training are no longer effective. Move beyond awareness to behavior change: Turn employees into a human sensor network to stop email and phishing attacks.


Stay on the cutting edge of an evolving threat landscape to protect your organization

Use our threat visualization tools to assess the organization’s vulnerability to attacks by risk area at a departmental level. Gain visibility into how your security awareness program is doing and benchmark your organization’s performance against industry peers.

Achieve behavior change and build a human sensor network

Hoxhunt’s positive and rewarding learning experience ensures high training engagement, while automation enables highly personalized training based on the individual's skill, role, and location. Not only are you achieving greater awareness, but effectively turning your employee-base into a human sensor network, capable of detecting threats that slip past technical protections.

React fast to real threats

Increase the signal-to-noise ratio with instant analysis and clustering of employee reported threats. By automatically creating and escalating detected incidents, Hoxhunt enables a more streamlined security operation that can rapidly response to active threats.

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Valmet Provides Employees Cybersecurity Training With Hoxhunt

Rolling out Hoxhunt to all employees and partners enabled them to recognize and act on threats more effectively.

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This helps us to remain vigilant to any cyber attack. Not only does it help in an office environment but it also educates you on the internet frauds happening around the globe and thus keeps you that much safe on cyber world.

HoxHunt is doing excellent job by giving updates on subjects how to identify and avoid security threats from hackers.

This is the best training I've had in Nokia in the past 3-5 years, teaching me being suspicious, checking the details, always thinking before clicking. Examples are very-very good: tricky, unexpected, simulating the reality. The mini-training part at the end is also very good and useful: short enough, but showing the most important parts.

There is no substitute for experience and HoxHunt offers the option to practice in a safe manner.

It is really helped to differentiate the spam and scam emails. It became practice to think before opening any email attachment or link after engaging with Hoxhunt.

It’s fun when you successfully catch the suspicious email! We learn while we play, we play while we learn.