Phishing Training

Personalized phishing training experiences that people love 

The danger of phishing attacks has never been greater. Our phishing training solutions meet individuals where they are and equip your employees with the right behaviors, skills, and attitudes to mitigate your biggest threat.

A person gets a positive message after reporting a phishing simulation.

Drive results with realistic phishing simulations

Cover all your phishing training needs with a training library that is constantly updated with the latest attacks drawn from millions of threat reports from our global network.

Personalize training at scale

Personalize the training paths for every employee based on their job roles, locations, tools used, and language.

Level up your employees

Build up employee's skills gradually to enable them to identify the most sophisticated spear phishing attacks.

Unmatched training library

Drive true risk reduction with realistic simulated attacks that mimic threats in the wild. Our global threat intel team’s insights are translated to training content daily to drive your success.

Motivate employees to report real attacks

Build up employees’ motivation and ability to detect and report advanced attacks via Outlook, Gmail, and Teams. Reward employees for reporting simulated and real attacks with instant gratification, leaderboards and achievements.

Gamify end user interaction

Engage your employees with gamified micro-training experiences, designed to delight and educate simultaneously, keeping them alert and prepared for the next cyberattack.

Instant analysis of user reported phishing emails

Use the power of automated instant email analysis to give your employees the answers they need.

Report attacks where they arrive

Use Hoxhunt reporting plugins in Outlook, Gmail, Teams and iOS (for SMS) to capture attacks targeted towards your organization.

Mitigate the largest human risk

Reducing phishing risk maximizes security ROI more than any other investment. Empower employees to identify and report advanced phishing attacks. Deliver personalized, rewarding micro-trainings that not only educate but also incentivize proactive security behaviors.

UI view of Hoxhunt's user management

Automation on-demand

Let the AI powering out best-in-class training platform do the heavy lifting or operate your phishing training program on your own.

Up-to-date training library

Stay at the cutting edge of the constantly evolving threat landscape as our global threat intel team turns real phish into powerful phishing simulations

Create a strong security culture

Build your resilient culture on secure habit and measurable behaviors by rewarding employees for reporting phishing attacks. Identify elevated risk areas with powerful dashboards.

Choose your automation level

Simulate realistic phishing attacks with constantly updated training content based on the latest threats.

UI view with Hoxhunt's Human Risk Score highlighted

Personalize and deliver the training using AI 

Enroll employees into the program and let AI handle the rest.
Select the employees you want to include in the training. 
Let AI personalize the phishing training to your employees’ unique skills and role.
Automate training difficulty, user selection, content, and frequency based on employees’ performance and your preferences.
UI view with Hoxhunt's Human Risk Score highlighted

Manage the phishing training in your way

You control the selection, targeting and training frequency. 
Select phishing simulations that you want to use from our training library
Select the target groups that you want to deliver the simulated phishing attack
Send the phishing simulation at the frequency your program needs

Prove results with powerful dashboards

Monitor and report performance and recognize weak spots. Stay on top of your risk landscape with powerful drill down and benchmarking capabilities. Illuminate your program’s impact through cutting-edge dashboards that transform top management reporting into a crystal-clear narrative.

Hoxhunt's Human Risk Dashboard

Track engagement

Visualize your onboarding and training activity rates, while tracking your employees’ reporting times.

Measure progress

Follow how your employees improve in reporting, missing, and clicking on the simulated phishing attacks.

Compare to your peers

Know how your program is progressing compared to organizations in your industry.

What our customers are saying

“I’m so confident in our staff now with Hoxhunt that if people ask me how many cybersecurity officers I've got, I say ‘2000'”

Mark Sedman
Global Head of Cybersecurity