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The nitty-gritty details of our infrastructure service system
Infrastructure: The physical and hardware components
Software: The operating software and programs
People: The personnel involved
Data: The information we use or process
Procedures: The procedures that keep our service ticking along
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The power of Hoxhunt

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Training that works

No more dull training. Make learning exciting to motivate people to participate and learn.

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Visibility into threats

What you don’t know can’t hurt you? Wrong. Reveal the threats you receive.

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End-to-end automation

Manual work is so last season. Automate the entire process from start to finish.

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Average 4.8 stars on g2crowd

“Hoxhunt has a brilliant way to train users against cyber threats, phishing emails, malware, etc. The gamification of this type of training keeps it interesting and informative!”

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Average 4.8 stars on g2crowd

“I like how all the training happens as part of my day-to-day work. I’ve found that the learnings stick with me better.”

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Average 4.8 stars on g2crowd

“Hoxhunt keeps you alerted and teaches you to recognize harmful emails at the same time.”

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Average 4.8 stars on g2crowd

“IT security training is usually boring but Hoxhunt makes it fun and interesting.”