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“…Hoxhunt has helped us surpass anything our legacy SAT tools could deliver.”
Ryan Boulais
Award winning VP & CISO, AES
"Frankly, I only see it (the switch to Hoxhunt from traditional punitive training solutions) as pure upside."
Greg Petersen
Senior Director of IT Security, Avanade
Ronny Buchmann
Information Security Officer, Kärcher
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Customers rate Hoxhunt #1 enterprise security training

Traditional security awareness training falls short. Hoxhunt maximizes training outcomes by serving every user a personalized learning path that measurably changes behavior.

G24.8 stars
Gartner Peer Insights4.8 Stars

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You asked, we answered

How Hoxhunt compares to traditional SAT players

What sets Hoxhunt apart from traditional security awareness training and phishing training software vendors?

We go beyond awareness and knowledge by driving training paths to each employee. With this unique personalized approach, we deliver up to 40 times higher engagement rates than anyone else in the industry. High program engagement means high business impact. Unlike traditional vendors, we show business impact beyond simulation performance by measuring your employees' real-world risk-reducing behavior, like reporting real phishing emails.

What are the main differences between Hoxhunt’s phishing training and phishing training in KnowBe4, Proofpoint and Cofense?

KnowBe4, Proofpoint and Cofense require security managers to invest substantial time and effort into maintaining and running a phishing training program. Campaign creation and setup is a manual task, making it difficult to personalize training at scale to fit employees' learning needs. Results of these traditional security programs rarely correlate with reality, making it hard to deliver data-driven results and communicate program value to management.

Our platform, on the other hand, fully automates phishing training creation and delivery, including optimization and personalization using AI. Hoxhunt automatically measures the real-world behaviors of the employees, which means Security Managers can finally lead with trustworthy data and communicate results that correlate with reality.

How can Hoxhunt help me with real phishing attacks that land in my employees' inboxes?

Hoxhunt can analyze and instantly train employees on real emails outside of the training. When an employee report suspicious emails that are not part of phishing training, Hoxhunt Instant Feedback analyzes and classifies the email in real-time, an gives an assessment of the message with guidance if it’s safe to interact with the message.

Employees don’t need to wait for a security ticket to be resolved before continuing with their work. This helps avoid situations where employees feel like they need to choose between security and doing their work.

Why do people choose Hoxhunt?

Security leaders choose Hoxhunt because we deliver a high-impact service that their employees love and business leadership can understand.

It’s a set it and forget it security program that everyone loves: When our customers look to increase training engagement and reduce their workload, they lean on our automated and people-first approach to security training.

Easily create measurable impact for the business and its security: When our customers need to understand the security and business impact of their investment, they look to the metrics and repeatable outcomes our service deliver. See the the results speak for themselves section below.

Doubters are transformed into security champions: When our customers are building up their security culture and competence, they trust the feedback their employees give them and watch as their riskiest users become resilient reporters.

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The results speak for themselves

Averages across all Hoxhunt customers after one year in out automated training program



Employees are more likely to engage with frequent, bite-sized training instead of lengthy sessions focusing only on mistakes.



Traditional programs that only focus on  awareness can fail to build true behavior change. Our system creates muscle memory to report anything suspicious.




We keep even the best users engaged in training so they actively—and quickly—report threats so security teams can react before an attack spreads.

Security training. Designed for People. Built for Enterprise.

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